How to build a hospital in Dwarf Fortress

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Characters running through a dark mine in artwork from the Dwarf Fortress game.

Undoubtedly, a hospital in Dwarf Fortress is a crucial building to provide your citizens with appropriate health care. Healthcare is one of the main aspects of the game if you want to grow your dwarves healthy and strong.

In this guide, you will discover how to build a hospital in Dwarf Fortress. Also, you will find out tips that will help you expand your hospital and make it work more effectively.


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How to build a hospital in Dwarf Fortress

Even though most people think a hospital is a building that should be constructed at the later game’s stages, it is not so. It would be best to build a hospital before some infection or accident happens. It will not only save you a significant amount of time, but also many resources. You will be able to take appropriate measures fast and save your Fortress.

Like with constructing most buildings in Dwarf Fortress, you need to click the I button to select the specific area where you will build your hospital. A perfectly built hospital guarantees that you will be able to solve any problem fast. You only need to ensure that your hospital’s location is safe, and is located close to necessities like food or water.


Once you have designated the zone for your hospital, click the H key to specify the area for building a hospital. This will also let you check the supplies your hospital needs. You should remember that the hospital is one of the most expensive buildings in Dwarf Fortress. Managing it might cost an arm and a leg if you are at the beginning of the game.

Two dwarves are in a hospital in Dwarf Fortress.

What hospital supplies do I need in Dwarf Fortress?

First, you should place enough beds to ensure that you can keep a lot of wounded dwarves in the hospital at once. Also, you should keep in mind that special hospital beds are way better than ordinary beds. They do not require the hospital zone to work correctly.


The second thing you should set up is a surgery table using the combination of buttons B - T. Even though surgery can be performed without a special surgery table, in this case, it will be much messier and have a higher chance of a tragic result.

Another important thing in a hospital is containers. They are used to store supplies. The more containers you have, the more medical supplies you will be able to accumulate. Generally, it is recommended to build as many containers as you can. It will ensure that you will be able to cope with problems effectively.

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