Dwarf Fortress seeds guide - How to use and get seeds

Desert in Dwarf Fortress.

Desert in Dwarf Fortress.

It's no secret that Dwarf Fortress seeds are an essential aspect of farming. There are over 50 different seeds in the game and each seed is used for growing a particular crop. Therefore, fully understanding the seeds system in Dwarf Fortress might take a lot of time.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about the seeds in Dwarf Fortress, as well as the best way to get loads of them quickly.

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Location with water in Dwarf Fortress.
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Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

Before continuing with the details on getting and using seeds, we'll quickly go over the basics. There are over 50 seeds in the game, and you will unlock new seeds gradually while expanding your Fortress.

You will be provided with a small number of seeds from the start of the game, so you need to use them wisely so that you don't lose the advantage.

How to use Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

First, you should collect seeds in special bags. The single bag can contain up to 100 seeds of a specific type. So, if you want to plant 10 unique types of seeds, you should use 10 bags for containing them.

Once you have seeds, build a Farm Plot on the ground. All ground types are suitable for building Farm Plots. You can easily do it in a few minutes. After you have it done, interact with a Farm Plot and choose the suitable seed taking into account the seasons and location of the Farm Plot. Plant it using the seed menu and wait until they are ready to harvest.

Also, you should make sure that your seeds are available to use. Grains locked behind the door or carried on haulers are closed for the farmers. Those are the most likely reasons why you cannot use your seeds in Dwarf Fortress

Also, cooked seeds are not available for planting. Therefore, you should be careful not to spend your last grains cooking a tasty dish. Otherwise, it will be pretty challenging to acquire seeds from scratch.

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How to get Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

Trade in Dwarf Fortress.
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The most challenging thing about seeds in Dwarf Fortress is getting them. Once you are at the early game stages, obtaining enough grains to expand the Fortress is probably the biggest challenge in the entire game.

The most straightforward way of obtaining seeds is by harvesting crops. But sometimes, seeds obtained from growing crops are not enough. So, feel free to use the tips below if you don’t have enough seeds in Dwarf Fortress.

Brew the plant into drink

Brewing the plant into a drink is the easiest way to obtain additional seeds in Dwarf Fortress. You only need to use a still and put the plant inside it to get the seed. Moreover, you will also get alcohol, which will help you to keep the dwarfs happy.

Trade with traders

Even though most people underestimate the traders, they are one of the best sources of seeds in Dwarf Fortress. A few traders visit your Fortress every autumn, and you can easily trade with them to get additional seeds. The only disadvantage is that traders are available only for a short time.

In conclusion, seeds are one of the most valuable resources in Dwarf Fortress, especially at the beginning of the game. They can be acquired by harvesting crops, and you must be careful when using them. While you are here, check our Dwarf Fortress review.

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