Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: How to Change Difficulty

Difficulty is an important thing to choose in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, as variations in difficulty will change both what you encounter in-game and what rewards you’ll get for playing. We’ll lay out the difficulty options and how to change difficulty in Dark Alliance here, as well as the consequences of what you choose.

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How to Change Difficulty in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

Difficulty can only be changed in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance when you first go into any mission from the Mission Kiosk, not once you’re in the missions themselves. Once you select a mission, you’ll have six choices to pick from, as follows:

  1. Adventurer
  2. Hero
  3. Guardian
  4. Champion
  5. Legend
  6. Ascended

Obviously the lower difficulties are easier, but each one will have a recommended combat score, compared to your own Party Combat Power. However, missions with a score lower than your own can still be difficult, as enemies will have new movesets and solo missions can be even more challenging.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Difficulty
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Which Difficulty to Choose

Because of the above, it’s wise to try any mission you’re not used to on either Adventurer or Hero difficulty first, simply in order to learn the nuances of that mission, or at least to pick one below your current Power level. After that, start to ascend through the difficulties for better and better loot.

Difficulty Rewards

Speaking of loot, higher difficulties bestow better rewards, as determined by the box on the right when you choose your difficulty. You can increase your item rank range, guaranteed loot, gold, material and experience by increasing the difficulty, and you’ll need to make periodic difficulty increases over the course of the game to ensure your character is powerful enough to deal with late-game bosses and threats.

Speaking of powerful characters, we’ve ranked all the characters’ power levels over here, so you know the best one to choose. Or find out everything you need to know about Dark Alliance’s launch at our page here!

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