Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Release Time and Preload Info

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Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance finally launches this week, and the Icewind Dale set action RPG looks to be a rollicking good time with friends.

It's also arriving on Xbox Game Pass on day one, meaning you won't have to work too hard to find yourself a team to play with. As for when you can jump in, though, here's all we know.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Release Time

If you're playing on PlayStation or Xbox, good news - you'll be able to jump from midnight on launch day, July 22.

That means you only have a few hours to wait.

As for players on PC, things are a little different. On Steam, it appears the game won't go live until 4 PM BST - at least according to the store's countdown.

If you really can't wait there's some good news - players can preload Tuque Games' new adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Preload Information

If you've pre-ordered the game on the PlayStation Store, you'll be able to download it right now, although you won't be able to play until midnight.


It's the same story on Xbox, although you can preload via the Xbox Game Pass section of your console (or through the Game Pass app).

On PC, you'll need to buy the game on Steam, and then you should be able to download it immediately. You'll just have to wait a tad longer to play it.

You can also preload the game through the Game Pass app on PC, as seen below: