Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: Best Character and Class

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If you’re jumping into Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, one of the first choices you’ll have is which character and class you want to pick. In reality they’re the same thing, as you’re playing with preset characters pulled from D&D lore, but either way a choice has to be made. For that reason, we’ll show you the best class and character choice in Dark Alliance.

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Best Character and Class in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

There are four characters/classes to pick from in Dungeons, built for different purposes and with different abilities, but we’d say the best of them is Bruenor Battlehammer the Fighter, who functions well both in solo and group games. He has solid close-quarters combat, crowd control and health options, with more fluid attack patterns than many of the characters. If you’re uncertain about what to pick, Bruenor is your best option.

Dark Alliance Best Character

Dark Alliance Characters Ranked

We’ve ranked the four characters in Dark Alliance below, so if you need to know which ones to prioritise and pick out, this should help you decide accordingly. We’ve gone from best to worst below.

  • Bruenor (Fighter): As mentioned above, Bruenor is the character who is most able to stand on their own, but also works well as a tank and melee fighter in direct combat.
  • Drizzt (Ranger): Drizzt focuses on agility and backstab melee damage, dodging around the battlefield to get behind opponents, landing serious damage in a single blow.
  • Wulfgar (Barbarian): Wulfgar is a fast-moving melee fighter who does close-range area attacks. However, Wulfgar doesn’t have quite the manoeuvrability of Drizzt or the versatility of Bruenor.
  • Catti-Brie (Fighter): Catti-Brie is the only ranged character, an archer who uses targeted shots for high damage. However, while she does have close-range options, the reality is that neither option is quite as potent as what the other characters can do at their best.

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