Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Persona - How to unlock and powers

The Crystal Maiden Persona in Dota

The Crystal Maiden Persona in Dota

Exciting customisation is one of the necessary parts of Dota 2. People use skins to stand out among other players and look unique. Valve regularly adds new skins to Dota 2, making the game more exciting for traders and just gamers.

One of the newest and most attractive skins in Dota 2 is Crystal Maiden Conduit of the Blueheart. Read this guide, and you will find out how to unlock Crystal Maiden Persona in Dota 2. No time to lose. Let’s get started!

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What is the Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Persona?

In the newest part of the Dota 2 battle pass for 2022, the developers released new Razor Arcana and Diretide game modes, as well as a new skin for Crystal Maiden. It is named Conduit of the Blueheart, and it is already one of the most sought-after Dota 2 skins. Therefore, a lot of players want to know how to get their hands on it.

The Crystal Maiden Persona stood in front of a spectral wolf in Dota 2.
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How do I unlock the Crystal Maiden Persona in Dota 2?

There is only one way to unlock Crystal Maiden skin. To get it, you should own the premium Dota 2 battle pass and reach level 148. 

Evidently, this isn't the most accessible method, requiring you to put a lot of time into the game. Here are two easier ways to help reach such a high level:

  1. You can buy the required Battle Points with real money. Even though you will get various other rewards while completing Battle Pass, it is not the best investment, as it'll cost you a lot.
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  1. Simply, you have to grind out Dota 2 matches. You will get Battle Points by participating in classic Dota matches, cavern crawl, and completing weekly and daily missions. But even if you spend a few hours in the game daily, it might take a few months until you reach level 148.

In their official post, Valve says the following:

 Only the strongest mages can endure the teachings that unlock the hidden powers of the Blueheart. Those who dare try have, but one choice of master — an ageless avatar whose very first lesson is that success earns only obligation, and failure opens the door to a lonely death.

Therefore, we can conclude that getting this skin is a pretty challenging quest.

What are the Crystal Maiden Persona powers in Dota 2?

Unfortunately, by obtaining the brand new skin for Crystal Maiden, you will not get any advantages over other players. This skin does not differ from other skins in Dota 2, and is purely cosmetic. However, it is still worth the effort for dedicated players. If you unlock the skin, you will get over 600 unique voice lines for Crystal Maiden.

Moreover, this new Conduit of the Blueheart skin has two custom animations for Crystal Nova and Freezing Field, which are the two primary abilities of Crystal Maiden. Also, you will get various other customisation elements with this skin, such as Hero Portrait, Topbar Portrait, Ability Icons, and a unique Minimap icon.

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