Do Vanellope and Sugar Rush appear in Disney Speedstorm?

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Vanellope racing against Mickey Mouse in an image from Disney Infinity.

Fans of the beloved Wreck-It Ralph films will no doubt want to see Vanellope and Sugar Rush in Disney Speedstorm. This new kart racer based on Disney's most popular characters is brimming with references to its film history.

In this guide, we'll look at whether Vanellope or Sugar Rush specifically appear in Disney Speedstorm. Both are tied very closely to video game aesthetics, so it's understandable why fans are curious.

Does Vanellope appear in Disney Speedstorm?

As it stands, Vanellope will not appear in Disney Speedstorm. With the game's arrival into early access now imminent, we've heard nothing to suggest the beloved supporting character from Wreck-It Ralph will be one of the playable racers.

However, that doesn't mean Vanellope, or V, won't be released one day. Gameloft has already announced that new seasons will land every six to eight weeks in Disney Speedstorm, with each one focusing on a different Disney property. By the time a Wreck-It Ralph season comes by, Vanellope is practically guaranteed.

Does Sugar Rush appear in Disney Speedstorm?

Equally, Sugar Rush will not be in Disney Speedstorm at launch. This is the fictional racing game within the Wreck-It Ralph universe, in which Vanellope appears as a glitch and dominates the track. The design of Sugar Rush in the films was clearly inspired by the likes of Mario Kart, particularly Rainbow Road.


As such, when the aforementioned and very likely Wreck-It Ralph season lands in Disney Speedstorm, you can expect a track based on Sugar Rush. It would make sense, if Gameloft decides to add a new track and several new racers with each season. Sugar Rush would be the perfect choice as a Wreck-It Ralph track.

That's everything we know about Vanellope and Sugar Rush appearing in Disney Speedstorm! For more on the game, read up on how to drift, as well as all the Mickey Mouse karts and costumes confirmed so far. Lastly, you can also check out our list of all Disney Speedstorm tracks.

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