Disney Speedstorm release time countdown - What time does it release?

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Multiple racers compete in Disney Speedstorm.

If you’re interested in an arcade kart racing game with lots of Disney and Pixar characters, you should definitely read this article, as today we’ll tell you the release time for Disney Speedstorm. This game has created some hype around itself and numerous users are waiting for its launch.

In this guide, we tell you exactly when Disney Speedstorm's servers go live, so you know the instant you can start playing it. There's barely any time left to wait now, so get ready for intense racing!

When is the Disney Speedstorm release date?

Disney Speedstorm will release in an early access model on April 18, 2023. Soon we will be able to play this game and participate in some competitive racing matches as one of the many Disney and Pixar characters.

The game is due to be in a paid-for early access period for the rest of 2023, before moving to a free-to-play public release in early 2024. In this way, it's similar to the release of another hit franchise game, Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Multiple racers compete in Disney Speedstorm.
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Disney Speedstorm release time

The exact Disney Speedstorm release time depends on your region. Here is a list of release times for some of the most common time zones:

Platform PDT EDT
PC2 am5 am
Xbox4:30 am7:30 am
PlayStation3 am6 am

The game will be released in Early Access on PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. So, there is a huge list of platforms that you can use to play this project, which is always great, especially if the game supports cross-platform. Check below to see the precise countdown timer for the Disney Speedstorm release:

Disney Speedstorm release time


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