Is Disney Speedstorm pay to win?

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Mickey racing in Disney Speedstorm

If you're wondering whether Disney Speedstorm is pay to win, you're likely looking to give it a go for yourself. Taking a Mario Kart approach to the Disney universe, this takes many of the studio's best characters and throws them into strange new tracks. There's quite a lot to learn here.

In this guide, we go over whether or not we think Disney Speedstorm is pay to win, plus how tracks and racers work and how much of it you can unlock purely through playtime. If you want to know how monetisation works, this is a good starting point.

Is Disney Speedstorm pay to win?

In a sense, Disney Speedstorm is pay to win. You can unlock new tracks and racers with currency that costs real money. These racers can be unlocked through playtime, but will take you much longer. There are tangible differences between these characters, so those who pay will get access to them earlier, plus a wider range of characters to play as.

As well as this, those who pay for the game get into it earlier, given them much more playtime before the official launch. You can't pay for boosts or items to use directly, but these new racers do change the game so you will get access to them earlier, without having to grind as much.

Essentially, players who pay for the game will likely have an advantage at launch given the extra hands-on time, but this disparity will level out as you play more. Once the more skilled racers who didn't pay get into the game, the skill gap will naturally develop, and racers should become easier to unlock.

If you're looking for more information on the game, here are all the tracks in Disney Speedstorm, how to drift, and all the game modes we know of so far.

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