Best Disney Lorcana song cards in The First Chapter

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Disney Lorcana characters involved in lively song and dance

Collecting the best Disney Lorcana song cards in the First Chapter is something you’ll want to do to have a good chance of success with this trading card game, and for good reason. Disney Lorcana is the brainchild of popular German toymaker Ravensburger, who’ve worked in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company to create a fantastic recreational game that Disney fans can enjoy with their real-world friends and companions.

In this brief guide, we’ll be highlighting the finest Disney Lorcana song card options that can be used to disrupt the momentum of opponents. These specific cards each have their own unique effects, such as the ability to remove damage and discard opponent cards.

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Best Disney Lorcana song cards in the First Chapter

Anyway, let’s crack on with a look at some great Disney Lorcana song cards.

Hakuna Matata

This card is a gamechanger because of the way it deals with damage removal. Basically, it allows for up to three damage points to be removed from each of a player’s characters.

Now, this healing effect comes in handy is in situations where multiple powerful cards have had their health depleted. This card helps restore some of that vitality, which makes it quite an extraordinary technique to use within the game.

Although you won’t always find such a perfect application for this song card, you’re lucky in the sense that it can be added to the inkwell, so keeping it as an option up your sleeve doesn’t pose much of a game risk.

Disney Lorcana - starter deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

A Whole New World

When you want to flip the course of a Disney Lorcana game on its head, then this card is exactly what you’ll need. Essentially, it grants you the ability to rewrite the existing state of the game by forcing each player to discard their hand and draw seven new cards in its place.

For a cost of five ink, this is a great card to use when you realise an opponent is gaining dangerous momentum in the game with a powerful hand. It can also help you shift into winning gear, especially in a situation where your current hand is sub-optimal.

Be Prepared

With this card, you may scoff at the acquisition cost of seven ink, but it isn’t really a hefty price for what this rare card offers in the game.


Its devastating capability of banishing all characters makes it a great tool to destroy an opponent’s hand, which may consist of powerful combat cards or an effective setup for lore generation.

Overall, this card wipes the slate clean to help players stage a comeback when the odds are stacked against them. However, it must be noted that this card also wipes away the cards of the player that wields it, so you should make sure to use it only in certain scenarios.

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