Best Disney Lorcana amber cards in The First Chapter

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Elsa in Disney Lorcana.

Are you on the hunt for the best Disney Lorcana amber cards in The First Chapter? You’re in luck! Disney Lorcana is a modern take on a collectible card game based on Disney characters and storylines. In this guide, we’re going to be revealing the greatest Disney Lorcana amber cards for The First Chapter, which by their very nature are used to support your other characters with helpful effects and abilities.

Amber cards are less about firepower and more about offering a platform for fragile characters that are part of your deck. Their healing capabilities come in handy when you need to remove damage, and they can also be used to add strength to other cards, thereby presenting you with the opportunity to fuse the power of your cards to challenge and slow down opponents with more potent attacks.

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Best Disney Lorcana amber cards in The First Chapter

Now, let’s dive into the finest Disney Lorcana amber cards that you can add to your collection.

Stitch, Rock Star

This is a robust amber card which would be of great use to any Disney Lorcana deck. With a strength figure of three and a willpower total of five, Stitch is a decently powerful card that you can use to launch attacks on your opponent.

But where the unique skillset of this card comes to the fore is how you can stack it on top of other cards. Basically, the standard cost of acquiring this card is six ink, but using the shift ability allows him to be played on top of an existing Stitch card for a total cost of four ink instead.

More so, with Stitch’s Adoring Fans ability, you can exert any character that costs two or less ink, which allows you to draw a number of cards that will see you build up a cheap army of fighters who can help you overwhelm opponents.

A box of card packs in Disney Lorcana.
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Maximus, Relentless Pursuer

Next up we have Maximus, who will help you soak up opposition pressure and ably support your other characters without any fuss. When this card is played, you basically use the equine to weaken your opponent by reducing a chosen character’s strength by two units.

Now, if your adversary has lower strength cards in play, this opens up a window of opportunity for you to attack them while taking little to no damage in return. For three ink, this is a very dependable card as it’s equipped with three strength units and three willpower, as well as the option to quest for a single lore.

Rapunzel, Gifted with Healing


Last but not least, we have Rapunzel, who boasts exceptional healing ability.

This card’s Gleam and Glow ability grants you the option of removing up to three damage points from a single character, after which you can draw a card for each damage unit that you remove. For a total price of four ink, you can use this card to quest for two lore all while putting up a resilient defence of five willpower.

That's it for our look at the best amber cards in Disney Lorcana The First Chapter! For more on the hit CCG, check out when First Chapter reprints may arrive, plus our guide on card rarity.

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