What to do after beating Diablo 4's campaign (Season 1)

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Activision Blizzard
July 6, 2023: To keep you busy until Season 1 arrives, there's still plenty left for you to do in Diablo 4.

What is there to do after beating Diablo 4's campaign? Some players believe that the Diablo games don't really get started until you finish the campaign, and the same can be said for Diablo 4. The game features a wealth of activities to do once the story is technically complete.

Diablo 4 is not finished once players beat the main story, and will place players back into the world after the credits roll. Everything that was not done during the campaign will still be waiting for players, and more can be unlocked after the campaign is complete.

What to do after beating Diablo 4's campaign (Season 1)

There will be still much to do once the Diablo 4 campaign is over, while new activities and option can be unlocked to further upgrade your character. Here is what you can do after finishing the campaign!

The player character running through a dungeon in Diablo 4.
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Complete remaining dungeons and side quests

The world of Sanctuary is littered with places to explore and missions to complete. Players will be able to go back and finish any side quests they have left hanging, and will earn XP and money for completing them.

Unfinished dungeons will also remain, and can be completed to earn Aspects for more combat options.

Capstone Dungeons

Capstone Dungeons do not unlock until after the campaign, and recommends players be above level 50 to try. These are much harder dungeons that will unlock further World Tiers that increase the difficulty.

Change World Tier

World Tiers are difficulty levels in Diablo 4, and make the game harder while giving players more gear to upgrade themselves with. World Tier 3 also unlocks Nightmare Dungeons and Helltide events for more chances at better gear.

Two mage characters in Diablo 4.
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Start a new character

Players have ten character slots to make new characters and try out each of the five classes in the game. The campaign can also be skipped with the new character, so players can immediately jump into the endgame.

Try Hardcore Mode

Diablo 4 has a Hardcore Mode that does not change the gameplay, except that players now have one life. If the player's character dies in the game, there is no resurrection and the character is instantly deleted. It sounds absolutely daunting, but could be a challenge for those looking for something different.


Complete the Battle Pass

While Diablo 4's Season 1 does not begin until mid to late July, the Battle Pass will offer players additional objectives to complete to earn cosmetic outfits. The pass also can upgrade characters temporarily with XP and other stat boosts the further players complete it.

That is everything to do after beating Diablo 4's campaign. Be sure to read our full Diablo 4 review for more thoughts on the campaign, and check out other guides for the game such as how to skip cutscenes and how to equip pre order bonuses.

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