Diablo 4 Vhenard boss guide - How to defeat and rewards (Season 1)

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Diablo 4 Vhenard
July 19, 2023: Diablo season one is finally on the way. We have gone over the Diablo 4 Vhenard boss fight in anticipation.

Need some help to beat Vhenard in Diablo 4? Diablo 4 has plenty of tough bosses, and Vhenard is notoriously difficult to deal with if you don’t know what you are doing. You run into this boss in Act 1 at the Black Lake, and the trick to beating the boss is patience.

You need to bait out Vhenard’s moves and strike only when the time is right. Our guide will help you understand the boss’ attacks, the Hell Spawn, and Hellstormers at the same time.

How to beat Vhenard boss in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

Vhenard is a tricky boss, and the fact that she appears in Act 1 catches a lot of new players off guard.

Phase one

The Vhenard boss feels impossible to beat considering how annoying her Hell Spawn can be. You want to keep as much distance as possible and dodge all incoming projectiles.

You should try to kill the Hell Spawn as soon as they are summoned, or you will be overwhelmed. Once you kill the nearby enemies, you want to slowly bridge the gap between you and the boss and get some hits in. Avoid the fiery lines at all costs, or you'll lose a chunk of your Health bar in no time.

Phase two

During phase two, Vhenard becomes a lot more aggressive and spawns three Hell Spawn as well as three Hellstormers. This is where you want to focus on the Hellstormers first, as they are a lot more dangerous.

Once the Hellstormers have been dealt with, eliminate the Hell Spawn and continue your duel with the boss. What makes this fight so difficult is that Vhenard continues to respawn her minions if you take too long.

It is normal for players to not land enough damage, so you may need to deal with the Hellstormers multiple times in Phase Two. if you don't find yourself able to deal enough damage, we recommend levelling up your gear to ensure you can take down Vhenard quickly.

You can tell if more Hellstormers are being summoned by looking at the floor. If you notice the floor is glowing red and there are pentagrams showing up, you should focus on the Hellstormers unless you are close to killing the boss.

Final phase

Once Phase Two is over, there is one last thing you need to do. As soon as she goes down, Vhenard will spawn five Hell Spawn, a Pit Lord, and more Hellstormers. And that’s not all: if you don’t take them down in time, you will need to deal with even more enemies. The Hell Spawn are your primary targets if you want to end the boss fight, so try to single them out and kill them as soon as possible.


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