How to skip the campaign in Diablo 4

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You can skip the campaign in Diablo 4.
Credit: Screenshot by Gfinity Esports

Thinking about how to skip the Diablo 4 campaign? Don't worry: we've got all the info you need. If you're afraid of the long-in-the-making sequel not including one of Diablo 3's best arcade features, fret not. It might not be named as such, but there is a way to skip the campaign and bash skulls without treading familiar ground.

Our Diablo 4 campaign skip guide discusses how you'll be able to do this. Likewise, we talk about what this decision entails, and how it affects character progression. There are various pros and cons to tackling the title in different ways.

How to skip the Diablo 4 campaign

Yes, there is a way to skip the Diablo 4 campaign. While the story is quite meaty and refreshing, it also consists of six acts/chapters, and can take up to 35 hours to complete if you're not frantically skipping the cutscenes.

That being said, the Diablo 4 campaign skip method still has one major requirement: complete the campaign on at least one character, preferably your main class.

Once you've done at least one completion, the next time you create a character (i.e., your alt), go to the last tab. Just below the Hardcore option, you'll see a checkbox that asks if you want to skip the campaign. A notification will also prompt you about this decision. If you agree, then you'll be able to partake in the game's open-world activities right from the get-go.

Once you make your second character or alt, you'll see an option to skip the campaign.
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Credit: Screenshot by Gfinity Esports

What happens if you skip the Diablo 4 campaign?

If you skip the Diablo 4 campaign, that means you won't undertake any of the main quests related to the story. Those are as good as done. In fact, you'll start with a level one character in Kyovashad, the main hub in Act 1, skipping the prologue entirely.

Yes, we know what you're thinking: what about leveling and loot? Well, the good news is that numerous endgame activities await you. Here's the gist:

Since you're only making an alt under the same player account, you'll retain your currencies, stash, renown rewards (i.e., extra skill points and potion charges), and unlocked Legendary Aspects.

A few key fast travel points are already unlocked: Kyovashad (Act 1), Cerrigar (Act 2), Ked Bardu (Act 3), Gea Kul (Act 4), Zarbinzet (Act 5), and the Tree of Whispers (Act 5 and endgame activity). The rest will need to be rediscovered.

Without main quests and story beats, your leveling progress will mostly rely on open-world exploration, events, bounties, and a lot of hordes eliminated.
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Credit: Screenshot by Gfinity Esports

It's also worth noting that the Whispers of the Dead activity is automatically unlocked if you skip the campaign.

As such, your progression will mostly rely on doing bounties, clearing dungeons, and completing events. The retained bonuses should, hopefully, aid you when leveling. Lastly, don't forget to bring a friend with you as well for the additional XP bonus.

And that's it. That's everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 campaign skip feature. For other tips and strategies, you can visit our D4 guides hub. For specifics, we've explained how loot sharing works, what Berserking does, and all the D4 dungeon locations you'll want to scout out for those account-wide affixes.

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