How to leave dungeons in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 dungeon visual top down overview character in centre

Diablo 4 dungeon visual top down overview character in centre

If you're playing the game, you may be struggling to know how to leave dungeons in Diablo 4. While this appears to be a fairly simple task, there's a bit of difficulty in figuring out how to access the option to leave dungeons - so much so that some players just resort to backtracking the entire dungeon.

However, this does not have to be the case, as leaving dungeons in Diablo 4 is a simple task that you can perform at any time. We will be going over three methods to leave dungeons in Diablo 4.

How do I leave dungeons in Diablo 4?

If you are stuck at a difficult part of the dungeon in Diablo 4, have recently lost to a powerful boss or just want to leave for whatever reason, you're going to want a quick and easy way to leave the dungeon. However, the first solution people think of when they can't find the leave button is backtracking. Going through a lengthy backtracking route can be a painful process that you should very much avoid in a game that can get as grindy as Diablo 4. So let's check out the other two methods.

Leave through the map

One method of leaving dungeons in Diablo 4 is to simply open up the map and click on the dungeon entrance. Press the map key 'M' or the corresponding controller key to open up the dungeon map. Then just select Leave once you click on the dungeon entrance. This will teleport you right outside the dungeon's entrance, and save you from a lot of painful time spent backtracking.

Leave dungeon option in action wheel Diablo 4
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Leaving through the action wheel

There is, however, an even quicker method to leave dungeons in Diablo 4. This one often gets overlooked by players due to the odd placement of the option. Nevertheless, it's the quickest way to leave a dungeon in Diablo 4.

Just open up the action wheel using the E key, and select the leftmost option that says "Leave Dungeon" with the stair icon next to it. This will instantly teleport you outside the dungeon entrance with all your hard-earned loot on hand.

With this, dungeon traversal should become much easier, and you can relax knowing that you can leave a dungeon anytime you feel threatened or want to take a break!

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