How to get gold fast in Diablo 4 - Gold farming methods, tips, and tricks

Multiple characters are next to the campfire in Diablo 4.

Multiple characters are next to the campfire in Diablo 4.

If you're going to buy, enchant, and gem your best gear and upgrade all the facilities you need to do it, you'll need to know how to get Gold fast in Diablo 4. The game's majority currency is at the heart of the new MMOARPG, and it would be wise to learn the best ways to farm it before everyone else speeds off ahead of you.

Some of these strategies listed below may work differently in the final release version. However, the core mechanics should remain the same from beta and into retail, so the gold farming methods discussed should have long-term viability.

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How to farm gold in Diablo 4

Though endless monster bashing will have you swimming in more Gold than you know what to do with once you're a few hundred hours into your Diablo 4 adventure, your first few runs won't have you feeling like Sanctuary's Jeff Bezos.

Gold farming has always been important in Diablo games. Initially used for rare vendor armour, upgrades, and repairs, the end-game lottery of spinning for your gear's best enchant rolls and top-tier gems is where the real money sink begins.

Whichever part of the cycle you're in, here are the activities we recommend for farming gold in Diablo 4:

The character in Diablo 4.
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Complete quests and farm monsters

One of the most reliable and easy-to-do methods is to simply progress through the main story and farm new Legendary Gear. You'll slay hundreds of demons, defeat dozens of bosses, and complete lots of quests, rewarding you not only with new gear, but also with a decent amount of gold. You can just sell any gear you don't want, too.

Make the most of Greed shrines

This method can’t be used on a regular basis, but it’s a nice way to get some gold while it lasts. The Greed Shrine, one of many shrines you'll find on your travels, provides you with a buff that makes your enemies drop some gold when you defeat them.

Speed means everything in this case, so make the most of a Greed Shrine boost and do what you can to slaughter as many monsters as you can find. If you have a specific set of armour for Gold Find boosts, whack those on.

Spend your renown points!

The Renown system is a new feature that allows you to earn Renown Points by doing things like completing side quests, discovering new areas, and exploring dungeons. Accumulating a certain amount of these points nets you the following rewards:

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  • x80 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Skill Point
  • x180 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Potion Charge
  • x300 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Skill Point
  • x500 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Skill Point
  • x800 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Paragon Points

Trade your Rare and Magical gear

Rather than tossing away useless gear or salvaging them for materials at the smithy, consider selling them to a vendor for cold, hard cash. They may not seem worth it initially, but emptying your inventory this way can really add up over time during those early hours of the game.

Kill those Treasure Goblins

Diablo's iconic Treasure Goblins return in Diablo 4. They can turn up anywhere at any time, but they're quite rare. Commit their unique sound to memory and you'll know whenever one is near. They're not up for a fight, though. In fact, they're resilliant escape artists. Equip your best weapons and prepare for a chase if you want to get the best rewards.

Treasure Goblins carry huge money bags in their arms, dropping some like a trial as they run, or stacks more if you smack them around. The more you hit them, the more cash you'll get. Defeat them before they hop through a portal, and you'll see piles of cash fall all around you.

These are some of the best ways to farm gold in Diablo 4, but there are bound to be more as the game goes on. If you follow such a simple strategy, you will be able to accumulate tons of gold and buy whatever you want.

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