What is Diablo 4 hardcore mode?

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Lilith in Diablo 4

The latest Blizzard game allows you to play on different difficulties, so today we will explain to you what the Diablo 4 hardcore mode is. Be careful, as this game mode is very difficult. You should only play it if you are an experienced player!

In this guide, we will tell you about all the features of the hardcore mode in Diablo 4. Also, we are going to explain to you why people play it and what’s so special about it.

What is hardcore mode in Diablo 4?

Hardcore mode in Diablo 4 is one of the most challenging game modes in all of gaming. If you make a mistake, your character will die permanently. So, you can lose hours' worth of progress, just by not being careful. Here’s a complete list of all features of the Diablo 4 hardcore mode:

  • If your character is below Level 10 and dies, it will be deleted from the game with all its data.
  • If your character is above Level 10, then its name will be added to the Hall of the Fallen Heroes. However, you still won’t be able to use this character afterwards.
  • Your character can be erased even if you die in PvP mode.
  • Your Gold and Stash won’t be shareable. So, you will have to farm everything again.
  • Diablo 4 gives you more rewards for various tasks and challenges that you complete in the hardcore mode.
Lilith in Diablo 4
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How to turn on Diablo 4 hardcore mode

You can start playing the Diablo 4 hardcore mode from the very beginning, without needing to unlock it. However, it can only be enabled when you create a new character. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Start creating a new character.
  • Enable the hardcore mode by ticking the dedicated checkbox that you can find in the Finalise tab.
  • Complete your character creation and enjoy the hardcore playthrough!

Why should I play Diablo 4 hardcore mode?

As you can see, the Diablo 4 hardcore mode is very challenging and rewarding. So, players who have already learned this game and become true masters of all characters are playing this game mode for an extra challenge.


The Diablo 4 hardcore mode is a fun feature, and we highly recommend that you give it a try. After all, this game is all about creating new characters and making them stronger!

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