How to get Wolf Pup in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

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The character with wolves in Diablo 4
July 19, 2023: We have checked through our information that Season 1 has launched.

Getting cool new cosmetic items has become very popular in modern games, and in this article, we will tell you how to get Wolf Pup in Diablo 4. This special backpack is very cute and it can be worn by any character.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to get the Wolf Pup backpack and what it looks like. This cosmetic item is exclusive to beta testers and may become unobtainable in the future, so grab it while you can.

How to get Wolf Pup in Diablo 4 season

Wolf Pup in Diablo 4 is an exclusive cosmetic item available to those who have played the beta. There were three different periods when you could complete a special task and earn your reward. These times were as follows:

  • Early access beta: March 17-19
  • Open beta: March 24-26
  • Server Slam: May 12-14

The main task was to reach level 20 with one character. Those who managed to do so during these periods now own their Wolf Pup backpacks. Below is the official Twitter post where you can find some information about this cosmetic item.

As for the availability of this cosmetic item after the beta, we can’t say anything for sure. It is likely that the backpack will become an exclusive item for beta players. Although, this could change in the future.

Wolf Pup in Diablo 4
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What is the Wolf Pup backpack in Diablo 4?

The Wolf Pup backpack in Diablo 4 is a cool cosmetic item that allows you to carry a little wolf on your back. This is a cute and very interesting accessory that you can put on any character.


Even though this wolf can’t grow up to help you in your fights, it’s still a nice cosmetic item that will make your character stand out from the rest. Hopefully, players will have another chance to get it!

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