Does Diablo 4 have controller support?

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The room inside which Lilith was summoned during the trailer.
August 7, 2023: We've checked for Diablo 4 controller support with the launch of Season 1.

Before getting your hands on the game, you'll likely be wondering whether there is Diablo 4 controller support? We are here to dive deeper and explain everything you need to know.

In this guide, we’ll explain the controller support functionality on PC for Diablo 4 so you can get set up with ease.

Is there Diablo 4 controller support in Season 1?

Diablo 4 features seamless controller support on PC. It was announced during the Diablo 4 Quarterly Update - February 2020.

Using a controller on a PC, the game will work much like it does on PlayStation and Xbox, without losing an PC specific features.

Controller support can be combined with a traditional keyboard and mouse, allowing you to quickly switch between devices while chatting or fighting a powerful enemy.

How to enable controller support in Diablo 4

If you use an official PlayStation or Xbox controller, Diablo 4 will automatically detect them once connected to your PC, and all the settings will be set by default.

That said, third-party controllers may not be identified automatically when playing Diablo 4 on PC. You may need to install some drivers to make them work correctly.

Can you remap controls in Diablo 4?

The answer is simple: you can freely remap controls in Diablo 4. Like on console, head to Settings, then Controls. Switch to Controller and scroll down a bit to find the Gameplay section. Here you can change the control scheme to your liking.


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