Destiny 2 Wicked Implement Exotic scout rifle - How to get

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wicked implement destiny 2
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep hasn't had a lot of surprises for fans, however, with the 4 July weekly reset a new one just dropped, the Wicked Implement exotic scout rifle.

With Season of the Deep, Bungie introduced fishing, a new, relaxing way for players to spend their time in the looter-shooter while earning some rewards.

Featuring three ponds with plenty of fish, even these are categorised like weapons, with rare, legendary, and exotic fish available to catch.

The scout rifle was actually leaked, with players wondering when would come out and how would they be able to get their hands on it. Well, now we know how to get Wicked Implement in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 - How to complete exotic fishing quest and earn Wicked Implement

Destiny 2 Wicked Implement
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Credit: Bungie
Destiny 2 has a new exotic mission!

The quest is relatively simple in its steps, however, the real challenge is the combat. We suggest you join a group of friends to tackle this one.

With that said, let's begin.

Capture three exotic fish

First off, you'll need to capture three exotic fish in the different ponds available in Destiny 2. Remember that each one spawns on a different week, so unless you've been diligently capturing each, you'll have to wait for a new weekly reset to get them.

These are:

  • Aeonian Alpha-Betta on the EDZ pond
  • Whispering Mothcarp on Savathun's Throne World pond
  • Vexing Placoderm on the Nessus pond

Go to the H.E.L.M and deposit the fish

Capturing one of these will grant you one Broken Blades piece for a total of three.

To get these items you'll need to deposit the exotic fish at the pond inside the H.E.LM so go ahead and do that to also receive some exotic rewards.

Place the broken blade pieces on Deep Dives Hive statues

To progress the quest, you'll need to put those three blades in three different Hive statues. As you might've guessed, there are three statues you need to interact with.

Check this quick video guide by YouTuber Tasso to get a precise rundown on the location of all three.

Once you place your third broken blade piece and finish the following encounter as you normally would, locate a new door that has opened up for you.

The video above also details where to find this door, but essentially, a new section will open up to you after completing the second encounter. Interact with the statue with the prompt that says "Carve a Path of Violence."

If you're doing this with a fireteam, all members need to interact with a different statue in this room.

Defeat Khull, Executioner Knight

This boss has a small mechanic attached to it. If you try to attack it directly you won't do any damage. In order to activate the DPS phase, kill the yellow-bar enemies called Honed Minotaur, this will make a small message pop up saying "YOUR BLADE KEENS... SHARP, LIKE DEATH..."

Kill the three mini-bosses to get a buff called Deathly Sharp x3. If you only kill one or two, you won't do max damage, so make sure to get the three stacks of the buff.

Once the first phase is over, you'll be transported to another area where you'll find a small darkness object you can interact. You need to shoot two of these to open up the patch to the next location.

To find the second one, inspect underneath the stairway that leads to the closed path and you'll find it here. Shoot both objects at the same time to open up the path.

This final room is the actual boss encounter, where all mechanics you've seen thus far combine for one epic showdown. You'll need to kill the three Honed Minotaurs, however, two are locked behind darkness doors.


Rinse and repeat this process and you should be good to go, earning yourself the Wicked Implement scout rifle.

Wicked Implement scout rifle perks

The Wicked Implement is a 180RPM Stasis scout rifle. This are the perks of the weapon:

A close-up of the Destiny 2 Wicked Implement Exotic scout rifle, showcasing its intricate design and powerful features.
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Destiny 2 has added a new exotic scout rifle
  • Creeping Attrition: Rapidly landing precision hits causes targets to become slowed
  • Tithing Harvest: Precision final blows while Creeping Attrition is active create Stasis shard that returns to you. Collecting Stasis shards refills the magazine

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