Destiny 2 Lightfall - Neomuna region chest locations

Picture of Neomuna in Destiny 2

Picture of Neomuna in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's new expansion Lightfall is out and the new zone, Neomuna, is absolutely massive! With all exploration in Destiny, one thing that you'll have to find is the regional chests. While normally, there isn't much use to finding these except for some resources, this go around, you actually need these to complete a questline. This is where our Neomuna region chest locations guide comes in.

Locating these chests is actually pretty rough if you don't know where to look. Neomuna has three different areas, each with three chests per area. As always, these chests are hidden pretty well, but Neomuna has a lot of vertical areas since we have access to grapple and strand, so we have to look even harder.

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Neomuna regional chest locations

As we mentioned, there's a total nine chests that you'll need to pick up throughout Neomuna. Below we have a map that marks each of the locations of these chests.

picture of the neomuna map with region chest locations
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Zephyr Concourse

The first chest is a pretty easy one to get. If you're coming from Strider's Gate, as soon as you leave the pass, hop up on top of the awning on your left to find the first chest.

For the second chest, head to the left side of the zone. You'll see some windows, and the chest is behind one of the windows. To get to this one, head to the right and drop down under the walkway you're standing on. You'll see a window that's broken that has some weights in the room. Hop in and head through the vents to get this chest.

The third chest is near the elbow on the right side of the zone. If you had to the edge, you'll see the chest in a little cubby on the wall. You'll have to do a little platforming to hop back up and keep going.

Liming Harbor

The first chest that we'd go for here is the one that's on the far left X. From the landing zone, cross through the ship, and jump up on the platform to the left. The chest is on the scaffolding straight ahead of you.

The second chest is back in the ship. Head into the middle and hop up onto middle scaffolding. You'll have to hop back and forth a bit but it's right at the top.

The third chest is straight ahead of the landing zone. This one is up on a ledge behind the blades of the giant fan. This you'll just have to time your jump in to snag this one.

Ahimsa Park

The first chest that we'd recommend getting here is if you're coming from Liming Harbor. As you exit, hop up onto the awning of the building on your left. The chest is on a ledge around the corner of the building. If you have Strand and can use a grapple, that'll be an effective way to get to the ledge.

The second chest can be found if you head around the left side of the zone. You'll pass the connector to Strider's Gate, and you'll see the zone drop off a cliff. You have to drop down the cliff and you'll find the chest in that small alcove.

The third chest is not very far away from the second. Run up the ramp towards the Typhon Imperator. Run along the end and there's a tiny hole that you can drop down to find the third and final chest in this area.

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