How to get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Want to know how to get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? This brand new Paradox Pokemon was introduced during the 2023 Pokemon Day presentation among many other things. This Pokemon was one that was rumored to be coming to the game, and it's finally here.

This Paradox Pokemon is incredibly interesting as it's a Paradox of a generation five legendary Pokemon, Virizion. It also comes with it's own unique signature move that's very strong. You definitely will want to pick this up for your team, and we'll tell you how.


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How to get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

If Iron Leaves is a Pokemon that piques your interest, then you have a few options to getting it. First off, Iron Leaves is exclusive to Pokemon Violet if you want to find it's Tera crystal in the overworld. That being said, players in Pokemon Scarlet can join an Iron Leaves tera raid via the Poke Portal to have a chance at catching it. The Tera Raid is a five star raid, which does mean that you'll be able to capture multiple of these Pokemon.


Before we get into what Pokemon you'll want to bring to the fight, let's talk about Iron Leaves. This Pokemon is a Grass and Psychic type and it has a Psychic tera type. It's signature move is called Psyblade. It's 80 base power physical move, but when it's used while Electric Terrain is in play, it's power is boosted to 120. Iron Leaves also has an insanely high base stat total of 590, rivalling some of the best Pokemon in this generation, like Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant.

For it's moves, Iron Leaves knows Psyblade, Leaf Blade, Megahorn and Swords Dance. It also uses Electric Terrain at the start of the battle, which will boost it's Psyblade's Power.


So which Pokemon should you choose to bring to the battle? We used a King Gambit that was EV trained in attack, as well as Defense, and it worked out incredibly well. It's signature move Kowtow Cleave does great damage, and since it's a dark type, Psyblade doesn't affect this Pokemon at all, so you don't have to worry about one move. For it's move set, we recommend at a minimum Iron Defense, Swords Dance and Kowtow Cleave, and have it holding a Leftovers.

You'll have to do a little bit of set up, first by using a couple Iron Defenses, followed by three Swords Dances. This should put you in a good spot to be able to tank any attacks from Iron Leaves. Then you'll spam Kowtow Cleave, which should chunk Iron Leaves pretty hard.

Once Iron Leaves puts up it's barrier, you should be able to crack it pretty quickly with a Terastalization. If it removes your buffs, set up one Iron Defense, and if you have the time, one Swords Dance, and go back to spamming Kowtow Cleave to pick up the knock out.

One last note here, unless you have a coordinated four stack to take on this raid, we'd highly recommend trying to go into this alone. Given that these Pokemon are very strong, this fight will require as much set up and strategy as a six or seven star tera raid, so having only your faints count towards the timer reduction is almost necessary to success.


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