Destiny 2 Dead Messenger - How to get and God Roll

Destiny 2 Dead Messenger
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 Dead Messenger
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch has many new ways to play the game, including the Exotic mission rotator, which brings back three classic Exotic missions with new rewards, like the Dead Messenger grenade launcher.

Of course, the gun isn't new by any means, first debuting all the way back in Season 16. However, with Season of the Witch, the Dead Messenger, which previously only featured a static set of traits, is now craftable, with an expanded perk pool to choose from!

Similar to the Dead Man's Tale Exotic scout rifle, which is tied to Presage, the Dead Messenger will not always be available with Guardians having to wait until its quest is featured within the exotic mission rotator.

So with that said, let's tell you everything you need to know about the Dead Messenger grenade launcher in Season of the Witch, including how to get and the God Roll you should craft.

How to get Dead Messenger in Destiny 2

Dead Messenger
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Credit: Bungie
Dead Messenger is back!

The Dead Messenger grenade launcher will be available to get by completing the Vox Obscura quest once it becomes the playable quest in the exotic mission rotator.

In total, there are three, with Presage featuring the Dead Man's Tale, and Operation: Seraph's Shield coming with the Revision Zero. So, if any given week you miss your chance at completing Vox Obscura, you'll have to wait two full resets to give it another shot.

You'll get the Dead Messenger on your first completion, but it is recommended you complete several runs of Vox Obscura to get the best version of the Exotic intrinsic trait, Trinary Vision IV, which gives a neat stat boost to the weapon.

Regarding the catalyst, we'll update this article with official information but if it works similarly to DMT in Season 22, you'll need to simply craft a Dead Messenger and it will be unlocked as a perk at the Enclave.

Speaking of perks...

Dead Messenger God Roll

The Dead Messenger features a good perk pool to take advantage of its main gimmick, which is firing three waves of your selected damage type. Each type gives you different stat boosts. As a reminder, these are:

  • Solar - Increases reload speed and aerial effectiveness
  • Arc - Increases handling and range
  • Void - Stability and aim assist

Now, this is the God Roll you should be on the lookout while crafting it:

  • Column 1: Volatile Launch, Hard Launch
  • Column 2: High Velocity Rounds
  • Column 3: The Fundamentals
  • Column 4: Composite Stock
  • Column 5: Demolitionist
  • Exotic catalyst slot: Turnabout

And that's it! Enjoy your Dead Messenger.

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