Where To find the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key in Dead Island 2

Space Fox 2250 Prop Container dead island 2
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Space Fox 2250 Prop Container dead island 2
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 24, 2023: Struggling to find the Space Fox 2250 prop key? Find out where it's hidden and what it opens in our guide.

On the lookout for another great weapon? One container you can stumble upon in Dead Island 2 is the Space Fox 2250 Prop. But you won't get in easily. Read on to discover where to find the Space Fox 2250 Prop key in Dead Island 2 and which item you can find inside.

Dead Island 2 not only provides the players with the sheer exhilaration of bonking undead creatures for fun. Dead Island 2 includes dozens of locked containers, with each box requires a special key to unlock and open for its unique rewards. Let’s get started.

Space Fox 2250 Prop Key location in Dead Island 2

The Space Fox 2250 is located in the Monarch Studios, a movie studio compound you can visit for a main quest. You're revisit it later on for some side quests, too.

You'll come across the Space Fox 2250 Prop container once you reach the Monarch Studios for the ninth story quest Michael Anders and the Holy Grail. However, at this point, you won't possess the key to unlock the container, and neither do you meet the requirements to acquire the key. It's a red herring. Just keep moving for now.

After beating the main story quest, head to Venice Beach to pick up the three-quest chain starting with the side quest It Came From Monarch Studios.

Space Prop Master Dead Island 2
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Upon starting the quest, travel back to the Monarch Studios and head to building seven. At the back of building seven, you will find a Runner named "Space Fox Prop Master" near some dumpsters. That's the ticket.

The zombie is level 28 , so prepare for a relatively tricky fight. Defeat it and it'll drop the Space Fox 2250 Prop key. Pick it up and head back to the container you found earlier.

space fox 2250 prop key dead island 2
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Upon obtaining the key, head straight to building one to find the Space Fox 2250 Prop container.. Open it with the help of the key to acquire the powerful Electrocutor Pistol.

Is the Electrocutor Pistol good in Dead Island 2?

The Electrocutor Pistol is a high-level glock that deals an immense amount of damage. Its tactical ability allows you to activate critical hits and boost both agility and reload speed upon blocking or dodging.

It's also equipped with a rare ranged electrocutor mod that inflicts shock damage to zombies with a moderate damage boost, electrifying zombies with each successive hit.

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