Is Lil Pump in Dead Island 2?

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 Bruno and Lil Pump
Credit: Dambuster Studios / YouTube

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 Bruno and Lil Pump
Credit: Dambuster Studios / YouTube

Is Lil Pump in Dead Island 2? That's one question on the minds of players dropping into the long-awaited zombie-slaying sequel from Dambuster Studios. Dead Island 2 contains a variety of characters you can play as and one of them shares a striking resemblance to the American rapper.

After plenty of delays and speculation, Dead Island 2 is out now much to the delight of fans. The game features an extensive mission list you can work through as one of the best Slayers in addition to a variety of Skill Cards that suit any style of play.

Before we reveal if Lil Pump is in Dead Island 2, don't forget to take a look at our guides showcasing the Curtis safe key location and a closer look at the gun list.

Is Lil Pump in Dead Island 2?

No, Lil Pump is not in Dead Island 2. However, it's not surprising to see why many fans of the rapper and of the game are asking this particular question. The confusion stems from the similarities of Lil Pump and Bruno, one of six Slayers avaialble to play as.

They both have striking dreadlocks and similar dress sense but despite this, there's no mention of the rapper whatsoever.

Screenshot of Dead Island 2 Bruno on red background
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Credit: Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 Bruno abilities

Instead of dropping some new tracks for his fans, Bruno is described as a hustler roaming the streets of Hell-A looking for a way back to civilisation. He has two innate abilities that definitely come in handy when you take on the undead. Here's what you need to know:

  • Backstab - Provides a moderate damage boost when slaying zombies from behind.

In addition to Backstab, Bruno also earns a boost to agility and heavy attacks whenever you perform a successful dodge or block against an incoming attack. While Lil Pump may not be in Dead Island 2, you can't go far wrong if you decide to choose Bruno in one of your playthroughs.a character that's defi mastering.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about Lil Pump appearing in Dead Island 2. For more zombie-slaying intel, check out our other guides showcasing the game length and how to defeat Crusher zombies with ease.

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