Dead By Daylight Year 8 roadmap - What content is coming?

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Dwight in Dead By Daylight

The Dead By Daylight Year 8 roadmap illuminates the plans for the next year, from new DLCs to major gameplay changes. It's a great way to know how to plan ahead for the next major update. Here is everything we know about the roadmap so far and what you can expect from the game over the coming months.

With the anniversary event set to go live in just a few weeks, we didn't really know what was expected later. Luckily, Chapter 28 End Transmission and the Nicolas Cage Survivor reveal have set the year off with a bang. It is sure to be a pretty big year for the game.

Dead by Daylight Year 8 roadmap

The Dead by Daylight Year 8 roadmap went live alongside the anniversary live stream. In this, it announced the next chapter, End Transmission in June, as well as Nicolas Cage, the next survivor, set to go live in July. A new chapter is due in August with a new killer and survivor, and a new Tome goes live in October.

DBD Year 8 Roadmap
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After this, a new killer arrives in November,and a new Tome and survivor comes out in January 2024. A new chapter with a survivor and killer arrives in March and the roadmap is finished off with a Tome in April.

As well as all of this, more in-game events will go live in:

  • June
  • August
  • October - November
  • December
  • January - February

Finally, the team have committed to QoL and gameplay improves over the next year, like balancing maps and the meta, punishing camping, having bots take over for disconnected survivors, and some loadout changes. This is a promising roadmap that aims to deliver many of the things fans have been asking for.

So far, we know two of the chapters will be licensed, though we don't know what they are specifically.

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