Dead by Daylight Chapter 28 End Transmission - Release date, perks, and more

Dead By Daylight End Transmission trailer

Dead By Daylight End Transmission trailer

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The Dead By Daylight End Transmission release date is now just around the corner, and with this comes plenty of information to find out. With a new killer, survivor, and map, there's so much to figure out. In this guide, we'll go over the release date for the new chapter, as well as everything we know about the new additions.

This is the first major Chapter of the Year 8 roadmap and, with many more on the way, it seems likely it will only get bigger with time. Nicolas Cage is planned to drop soon after this, so we've got a big year ahead!

When is the Dead By Daylight End Transmission release date?

End Transmission will be going live on June 13, 2023, just a few weeks away. This being said, you can access the new killer and survivor in the playable test server (otherwise known as the Public Test Build) as of May 23, 2023.

Unfortunately, you can only access this if you play the game on Steam. To do so, right-click the game in your Steam library, go into the properties tab, and click betas. From here, click on Public Test and you will have access to the brand-new characters. You can play them for a few weeks until they launch, giving you the chance to get good at them!

Dead By Daylight Gabriel Soma perks

So far, we don't know too much about Gabriel Soma's perks. We know he is a bit of a sole survivor in his story, stranded on an alien planet hunted by a creature partially of mankind's creation. For this reason, we could see his perks being based on getting generators finished and staying alive.

Dead By Daylight Gabriel Soma
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He may be a bit of a selfish survivor, as there's little use of altruism when you're alone. This being said, being thrown into the trials may make him more thankful for his allies. We'll update you here as we get more information.

Dead By Daylight Singularity killer

The Singularity is the game's newest killer. Though we only really know what he looks like and how he operates in the trailer, we have a good guess on how he works. Being made up partially of machine and organic matter, he is the evolution of human computers, designed to exterminate all survivors to continue to grow.

Dead by Daylight The Singularity
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He seems to have some teleporting abilities with his shots, and these can be placed on any surface, allowing him to cover a lot of ground. They also appear to hurt survivors, with the capacity to shoot and latch onto their backs. It seems like it takes somewhat from killers like Demogorgon, Skull Merchant, and The Hag to make something new. Killers can also pick up a brand new EMP item to temporarily disable some of his functions. We'll have to wait for the PTB to play it for ourselves.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28 End Transmission map

The new map is set on an alien planet and changes even simple things, like the hook and shack, into something weird and grotesque. It is designed to disorient and fully creep out survivors. It is one of the biggest departures we have seen from the traditional map set-up, but this could be quite healthy for the game if done right.

A hook from Dead By Daylight
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Now that you know all you can about the next chapter, there's still more to learn. Here is our full Dead by Daylight The Blight Build, the best Dead by Daylight survivor builds, and all the Dead By Daylight best killer perks ranked.

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