Best Barbarian build in Dark and Darker

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Screenshot from video game Dark and Darker featuring a barbarian holding a shield and sword

Wondering what's the best build for the Barbarian class in Dark and Darker? Then you've come to the right place.

Dark and Darker has gained immense popularity among gamers since its release through early access. The game is one of classes, and one of the most powerful is the Barbarian class, known for its ability to dish out heavy physical damage and survive challenging battles.

The Barbarian class in Dark and Darker is about dealing high damage and surviving tough battles. But how can you make the most of your Barbarian build and dominate the game?

Well, here’s our recommendation for the best Barbarian class build in Dark and Darker, which includes the most powerful skills, perks, weapons, and armour combinations.

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Best Barbarian class build in Dark and Darker

Best Barbarian Build in Dark and Darker
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Mastering the role of a Barbarian isn't the easiest of tasks. The class has its fair share of weaknesses and limitations, such as poor magical defence, slow movement speed, and limited interaction capabilities. Therefore, making the right choices regarding skills, perks, weapons, and armour becomes essential in creating a Barbarian build that maximises the class' potential.


The Barbarian class offers a selection of four skills to choose from: Rage, Reckless Attack, Savage Roar, and Warcry.

When it comes to the skills for the class, Rage, and Savage Roar take the lead. Here's an overview of these two skills:

  • Rage: By activating this skill, you will be granted increased strength and movement speed. However, it’s important to note that your defence will be lowered during this time. Do keep in mind that it also makes you more susceptible to enemy attacks.
  • Savage Roar: This particular skill can instil fear in all enemies within its range. As a result, their physical damage bonuses are reduced significantly. It is particularly useful if you find yourself outnumbered or facing tough opponents, though this skill does not affect enemies immune to fear effects.


When it comes to the perks, you can choose between these eight perks - Axe Specialization, Berserker, Carnage, Iron Will, Morale Boost, Savage, Smash, and Toughness. Out of these, we recommend equipping perks like Axe Specialization, Smash, Berserker, and Savage.

  • Axe Specialization: This perk grants extra damage to your axe attacks. It’s a must-have for any Barbarian who primarily wields axes.
  • Berserker: This perk boosts your attack power as your HP decreases. It’s a good choice for increasing damage output when you’re closer to defeat.
  • Smash: With this perk, you can effortlessly demolish doors and sturdy containers while also amplifying the impact of your attacks. It’s incredibly useful for breaking down barriers and chests and overcoming enemy defences.
  • Savage: By choosing this perk, you’ll enjoy an increased damage bonus when not wearing any chest armour. It’s a rewarding option that enhances your damage potential while sacrificing some protection.


The Barbarian class can wield two types of axes - one-handed or two-handed options. Here’s a quick rundown of the best weapons for Barbarians:

  • One-handed axe: These axes are known for their speed and agility, but lack in damage and range. While they excel at delivering frequent strikes, they might not be sufficient against armoured or high HP opponents.
  • Two-handed axe: These axes are slow and heavy but deliver powerful blows with a wide range. They are effective in inflicting damage, although their slower speed can make it challenging to keep up with agile enemies.


The Barbarian class has the flexibility to wear three types of armour, including plate, cloth or leather. For this class, a combination of a plate helmet with cloth and leather pieces is considered the optimal armour choice.

  • Plate armour: This armour offers the highest protection against physical attacks; however, it can also limit your movement speed and agility.
  • Cloth armour: This kind of armour provides low defence against physical attacks but enhances your movement speed and agility.
  • Leather armour: Offering a balance between protection and mobility, leather armour adds some weight to your body but not as much as plate armour.

However, you can also experiment with other combinations of armour pieces to find the best setup that suits your playstyle. For instance, if you have the Savage perk, you might consider foregoing chest armour. Alternatively, equipping a set of leather armour could be worth considering if you desire a well-rounded approach.

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