How to use Dall E - best pictures, prompts and 'too much traffic' error fix

Dall E

Dall E
August 16, 2022: Dall E 2 might be a thing right now, but our heart is still with the original Dall E mini.

Dall-E is a fascinating new AI that generates images using your prompts. If you're looking to find out how to use Dall E works, or what the "too much traffic" error means, this is what you need to know.

Used to put up creative new collaborations or a funny spin on what we know, millions of people around the world have seen Cthulhu injected into Sesame Street or Walter White in Animal Crossing. Needless to say, things are about to get even weirder.

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How to use Dall E - tips for prompts

Dall E is incredibly easy to use. Just go onto the site (you can do so via this link) and type in what you want to see. From here, click run, and wait for it to spit a few images back out.

It can take a few minutes (it is generating pixels out of nothing but raw information, after all), but the end result should feature at least one of the nouns you tossed into the prompt box. For example, "Cthuhlu on sesame street" results in a pretty believable mashup.

Generally, it is a pretty great AI, capable of capturing most pop culture phenomenons. It seems to do particularly well with more fluffy textures, given its dreamlike presentation.

This seems to be why people are so fond of putting puppets in it. When it comes to real-person scenarios, it blurs the face considerably - likely on purpose to avoid any legal issues with celebrity likeness and other risky areas of the law. You know: before people use it for nefarious means.

For prompts, that means avoid using people as subjects if you want a clear image. If you don't mind that, though, stick to short phrases with a clearly defined subject, place, activity, or event. Think keywords.

Dall E results.
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How to fix the Dall E too much traffic error

The Dall E "too much traffic" error is an increasingly common one, due to the explosive popularity of the programme. The more people go on it, the less likely it is to give you an image fast.

As of right now, the engineers behind the project are working on a bigger, more impressive Dall-E so we will just have to wait for this to solve itself. With the error being tied to bandwidth and processing power, the only solution is to wait until the site isn't being used quite so much.

This usually means just trying again after ten minutes or so. That's usually enough time for people to get bored waiting and take off, lessening the burden on the service.

The best Dall E images from around the web

Like Wordle earlier in the year, sharing your Dall E images all over social media is the new cool thing to do: and with good reason. With the right prompt, you can get some truly wacky stuff out of the AI generator. Here are just some of our favourites:

We'll keep adding more to this list. But for now, enjoy Gandalf's victory. He's a hard worker.

Example Dall E prompts

There are a few great pages that collate images and put them out there. "Weird Dall-E Generations" is a new Twitter gimmick account that has gained significant popularity of some of the choices.

Some of the best out there are:

  • Larry the cucumber at D-Day
  • Among Us cave painting
  • Dashcam footage of Joe Biden
  • A demogorgon shopping
  • Larry David writing Paddington 2
  • Coffee as a food
  • A cobbler delivering newspapers

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