Innersloth Reveals New Among Us Shapeshifter Role

Innersloth promised new Among Us roles, and one of them is the Shapeshifter. The Among Us team revealed it in a new blog post, with a brief glimpse at how the role works, and said more information and a release date are planned soon.

Shapeshifters can take on the appearance, cosmetics, and names of any living crewmember and impersonate them to sow chaos or deflect blame onto someone other than the actual culprit. However, it's not all-powerful. The actual shapeshifting process takes a while to complete, and other crewmembers can see you do it if they're within sight.

Shapeshifters also leave other evidence of their nature, though Innersloth didn't mention what that is, and the new appearance only lasts for a little while.

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Innersloth Reveals New Among Us Shapeshifter Role

The blog lists a suite of options to customize how the Shapeshifter plays as well:

  • Probability: Change the number and chance of an Impostor to have the Shapeshift ability during the lobby phase.
  • Shapeshift Duration: How long an Impostor stays shifted
  • Leave Shapeshifting Evidence: Whether there is physical evidence of a shapeshift left behind

Innersloth also teased a second new role with a loading bar nearly 100% full.

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