Crash Team Rumble heroes tier list - All characters ranked

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Crash and various other heroes fighting in Crash Team Rumble.

Need a Crash Team Rumble tier list? This MOBA game based on Activision's hit platforming series has just arrived, so players are already looking for the best heroes to use.

In this guide, we'll rank all the characters in Crash Team Rumble based on their abilities in matches, and how easy they are to pick up for newcomers to the game and genre as a whole.

Crash Team Rumble tier list

Ranking Character name
ATawna, Coco
BDingodile, Dr. Neo Cortex
DDr. N.Brio, Dr N.Tropy

Check out our tier list above to see our preliminary ranking of all the heroes in Crash Team Rumble. Note that the game calls all of its characters heroes, regardless of their allegiance in other Crash Bandicoot games, which is why the likes of Dr. Neo Cortex, usually the series' long-standing villain, makes an appearance here.

We'll tweak our Crash Team Rumble tier list as new heroes are added and buffs and nerfs begin arriving in post-launched patches. Until then though, use it to determine which characters you'll use in combat, and which ones to work towards unlocking next.

Catbat and other heroes in Crash Team Rumble.
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Which heroes are the best in Crash Team Rumble?

For our money, the best character you can use in Crash Team Rumble is the eponymous bandicoot himself. It's no surprise really, but the series' poster-boy is the most balanced, well-rounded, and accessible character to use.

Billed as a Scorer, Crash's proficiency is in mopping up large amounts of Wumpa Fruit and depositing them in your score zone with speed. He can use all of his platforming moves to navigate ledges, earning Gems to give you stat boosts and smashing crates to earn more Wumpa.

The only disadvantage Crash carries is his relative weakness in combat, with his base spin move barely denting an enemy's HP bar. Therefore, if you're playing as Crash in Crash Team Rumble, you'll want to avoid combat where possible to ensure you can score for your team.

As it stands, other player roles like Blockers and Boosters just aren't as effective yet. Blockers like Dingodile aren't especially strong in combat either, and Boosters like Coco, who'll boost other characters' stats, can't hold their own when it comes to scoring.

For that reason, your best bet is to choose Crash when first starting a match in Crash Team Rumble.


How do I get more heroes in Crash Team Rumble?

To unlock more heroes in Crash Team Rumble, you'll need to sift through a range of character-specific objectives. You only get three heroes unlocked by default: Crash, Coco, and Dingodile. The rest you'll need to grind for, giving you plenty to work towards. Here's how to unlock the remaining heroes in Crash Team Rumble:

Hero name How to unlock
TawnaEarn six Scorer badges by scoring Wumpa
CatbatEarn 15 Scorer badges by scoring Wumpa
Dr. Neo CortexEarn 15 Booster badges by capturing Gems
Dr. N.BrioEarn six Blocker badges by knocking away Wumpa
Dr. N.TropyEarn 50 Blocker badges by knocking Wumpa away

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