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Brown Dust 2 tier list (September 2023) - All characters ranked for launch

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A group of characters stood together in Brown Dust 2.
September 14, 2023: The best characters to use are now added in our Brown Dust 2 tier list! We've also compiled the latest Brown Dust 2 codes for you to redeem.

Looking for a Brown Dust 2 tier list? This highly anticipated gacha game is due to land in the latter half of July 2023, so it's no surprise that fans are already desperate to find out which characters rule supreme in the early-game meta.

In this guide, we'll use our Brown Dust 2 tier list to rank all the characters currently in the game, based on their effectiveness in combat and ease of use for newcomers. Stay tuned, as we'll update it once the meta changes and new characters come in!

Brown Dust 2 tier list - All characters ranked

Ranking Character name
SKry, Arines, Liatris, Rou, Justia, Samay
ARubia, Lathel, Wiggle, Sylvia, Teresse, Emma, Celia, Gray
BFred, Maria, Elise, Rafina, Scheherazade, Eclipse, Jayden, Alec, Seir, Elise
CLecliss, Rigenette, Eleaneer, Lisianne, Andrew, Ingrid, Beatrice, Carlson, Olstein, Layla, Lucrezia, Anastasia
DSynthia, Julie, Remnunt, Gynt, Helena, Bernie

There's bound to be more characters added to Brown Dust 2 after its release and down the line, so keep an eye on our tier list to always remain one step ahead of your opponents!

Justia in Brown Dust 2.
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Who is the best character in Brown Dust 2?

As per our tier list, the best character in Brown Dust 2 at launch is Justia. Billed officially as the White Reaper, she's a magical character who wields a sword to take down enemies, making her incredibly proficient in combat.

On top of that, you'd also do well to keep an eye on Scheherazade in your early Brown Dust 2 loadouts. This Lapis Witch can play a very important role in healing or buffing your teammates, so if you're going for a more tactical approach, consider using Scheherazade.

How do I get more Brown Dust 2 characters?


As a gacha game, the only way to get more characters in Brown Dust 2 is by performing random spins, which in this game are called Scrolls. These are done by using the game's premium currency, called Dia. Purchasing spins, which can also be unlocked by playing through the tutorials and completing levels, will ensure you can constantly upgrade your team and pull for new characters.

You also unlock new characters in the Tavern between main story missions, showing you which characters are currently available in Scrolls. So keep an eye on the current banners and try your best to get an S-tier character in Brown Dust 2!

That's it for our Brown Dust 2 tier list. Be sure to keep checking back, because we'll start updating our rankings as soon as the game releases and the meta evolves! Until then, go ahead and check out our Mobile Legends tier list and Panilla Saga tier list for more mobile fun.

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