Crash Team Rumble beta - How to get access and start date

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Crash Team Rumble cover image.
Credit: Toys for Bob
April 21, 2023: The Crash Team Rumble beta is live!

Toys for Bob, the developer behind this twist on the beloved Crash Bandicoot formula, has announced a Crash Team Rumble beta coming very soon. This beta will allow players looking for some Crash fighting action to enjoy the game even before it officially releases.

Announced during the 2022 Game Awards, Crash Team Rumble is a game that will feature all your favorite Crash Bandicoot characters blowing off some steam through a very understandable and peaceful way: some battle arena 4 vs. 4 fighting. Let's hope this beta will help this new release not to make the same mistakes as its counterparts.

Crash Team Rumble art, featuring playable characters for the game.
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Credit: Toys for Bob
Let's get ready to rumble! Crash style.

How to get access to Crash Team Rumble beta

The good news is that getting to access the new closed beta for Crash Team Rumble is a pretty easy process. However, if you know what closed beta means, then you probably know the sort of "bad news" we're about to mention. Yes, you will have to pre order the game to gain access to the Crash Team Rumble beta.

The only other way to get access to the beta was via rewards schemes and exclusive contests, running in your own region. For example, in the UK O2 Priority dished out free beta codes to its subscribers, letting them play without paying for a pre order.

All characters in the Crash Team Rumble beta

This beta will feature ten playable characters. This selection will comprise five heroes and five villains from the Crash Bandicoot saga, and three maps that will house your fighting. Each of these maps will vary in size and unique features, allowing the players to use the environment and available power-ups to their advantage.

Each character available will fall into one of three categories or roles: Scorer, Booster, and Blocker. Depending on the characters you choose, you will be able to strategise your way to victory by banking to most Wumpa Fruit in your own drop-off zone. Each choice will impact the way you play the game, so this beta will be the perfect way to get to know the game's mechanics before getting to experience the full release on June 20, 2023.

Several Crash Bandicoot characters fight for the possession of a wumpa fruit.
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Credit: Toys for Bob
A battle for the wumpa fruit.

What is the start date for the Crash Team Rumble beta?

In the case of Crash Team Rumble, the closed beta will take place from April 20 to April 24, 2023.

Players will have access to the content mentioned above, and will be able to enjoy it on all release platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Not only that, but you will be able to cross-play with your friends that own the aforementioned platforms as well. So, you have no excuse not to try this with friends, as long as you both entertain the idea of some Crash rumbling!


Just remember to go ahead and pre order the game now, so you will be able to play as Crash, Neo Cortex, Tawna, and many others in this brand new arena battle multiplayer game!

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