Crash On The Run: How To Get The Blue Hyena Skin

Crash On The Run has been a pleasant surprise to mobile players everywhere, especially to those that have been playing the Crash Bandicoot games since the PlayStation days, as the mobile game manages to take aspects from the classic titles and the recently-released Crash Bandicoot 4 into a surprisingly fun auto-runner that is worth the download, despite all of the annoying free-to-play traps.

While Crash On The Run has been fun and feels more like Crash Bandicoot than we thought, fans that pre-registered for the mobile game have had an issue accessing the free Blue Hyena skin that’s supposed to act as a reward for players, which is annoying since that’s probably the main reason why they pre-registered for the game in the first place.

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Crash On The Run: How To Get The Blue Hyena Skin

It’s worth noting that Crash On The Run did launch ahead of its planned release date, which is why the Blue Hyena skin wasn’t immediately available.

Thankfully, if you check it now, the Crash On The Run Blue Hyena skin should be immediately available to those that pre-registered for the game, while the players that didn’t will have to wait until it’s available in the game store. 

Along with the Blue Hyena skin, Crash On The Run players also have access to the Skunk skin, which also isn’t half-bad and the fact that it’s free-of-charge is kind of nice.

Obviously, classic Crash Bandicoot fans would prefer the Retro Game skin from the PlayStation games or the Biker skin that comes from Crash Bandicoot: Warped but beggars can’t be choosers.

Crash On The Run is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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