How long is Resident Evil 4 remake?

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Ramón Salazar stood in front of a staircase in Resident Evil 4 remake.
March 27, 2023: Now that Resident Evil 4 remake has released, check out how long you'll spend with the game!

Now it's out, many gamers have one question: how long is Resident Evil 4 remake? Survival horror games are never renowned for being particularly long, but always make up for that through their endless replayability. With this much-anticipated remake out now, fans want to know just how long Leon's beloved adventure is.

In this guide, we'll run through how long it'll take you to play the Resident Evil 4 remake. We've got our time for the first playthrough of this revamped version of the game, alongside details on how many chapters the game contains.

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How long is Resident Evil 4 remake?

By our estimation, Resident Evil 4 remake is between 10 and 11 hours long.

On our first run through of the game, the final completion time once the credits rolled amounted to just under 11 hours. That was a story-focused run that didn't touch many of the side missions or open areas, played through on normal difficulty.

Of course, if you opt to hunt down the various treasures hidden across each area of the map, while also completing side quests along the way, this could push one single playthrough to around 14 hours. On top of that, the higher you push up the difficulty, the more hours you'll get out of the game, too.

If you plan on going for multiple playthroughs, perhaps even hunting down all the Resident Evil 4 remake trophies, you can easily get at least 30 hours of game time out of the new release.

Bitores Mendez stood in a dark room in Resident Evil 4 remake.
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How many chapters are in Resident Evil 4 remake?

The main story of Resident Evil 4 remake consists of 16 chapters. These all vary quite considerably in length, with some taking 30 minutes to complete, and others clocking in at over an hour.


However, one thing you won't find in the game is a chapter focusing on Ada Wong. In the original game there was an extra mode called Separate Ways, which recounted Ada's hidden contribution to the plot. This isn't present in the remake, so there's just the 16 core chapters to get through in a single playthrough.

That's it for our look at how long it takes to beat Resident Evil 4 remake! For more on the game, read up on whether Mercenaries mode is included.

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