Counter Strike 2 release date speculation and limited test dates

the characters from Counter Strike 2

the characters from Counter Strike 2

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September 27, 2023: Counter Strike 2 is now available for download! Find everything there is to know about the impending announcement in our guide.

Valve continues to open up Counter Strike 2 to players patiently waiting for more information on the official Counter Strike 2 release date.

Naturally, we’re curious to know what Valve has in store for us. Valve released three trailers showcasing various new additions to the game and has also released a website for the latest updates.

If you want to learn more about the latest rendition of the legendary Counter-Strike series, be sure to check our guides on how to get access to the limited test and whether the game is free to play.

When does Counter Strike 2 come out?

September 27, 2023 - New update on the official CS2 Twitter account and the game is available for download right now!

The Counter Strike 2 official Twitter account has been teasing fans of the infamous first-person shooter for quite some time now. They've updated their header on the social media platform again, to proclaim it is "The Dawn of a New Day". You can check out the screenshot below, or head to the CS2 Twitter account to see for yourself.

Screenshot of Counter Strike official Twitter page teasing the release of Counter Strike 2
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What's more, the game has just recently been made available for download. Steam has recently updated the game to reflect CS2 instead of the previous CSGO and has included a 33 GB update that players can now download. While the exact release time is still not clear, we can expect the game's official launch will be mere days, if not hours, away.

CS GO 2 Release date speculation

While Counter Strike 2 has not been given an official release date just yet, the recent availability of the game for download would indicate that the time is almost here. It's not possible to launch the game at the moment so for now, we're still waiting for the official green light on the highly-anticipated title.

Counter Strike 2 trailer awp
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Counter Strike 2 trailer footage

We can only wonder how long this update has been in development and how much longer the project might require. For now, we just know that it is about as close to live as it possibly can be. For fans of the competitive FPS genre, there is a monumental amount of info to get excited about.

How to fix cs2.exe error

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For those who are trying to download CS2 and are experiencing a .exe error, there is an easy fix for this. As per the ESL Counter Strike X page, you'll need to perform the following steps;

  • Uninstall CS:GO/CS2
  • Restart Steam
  • Download CS2

What is Counter Strike 2?

Counter Strike 2 has been announced as a free upgrade to CS:GO. This means owners of the original game can enjoy the update free of cost.

Everyone, from newbies to veterans, has good reason to be excited about this new release. The fresh new coat of paint is sure to keep Counter Strike as one of the very best FPS titles in the world.

Be sure to check out our other Counter Strike 2 guides revealing if skins transfer over and how to access the beta.

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