Is Counter Strike 2 free to play?

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a player on one of the maps in counter strike

Valve, in a completely unexpected announcement released several trailers for an update to the legendary Counter Strike Global Offensive game. This new update will be called Counter Strike 2, and the team is working hard to bring the title into the next generation of gaming. However, will Counter Strike 2 be free to play? We have the answers.

With the effort and resources going into this new title, we had been wondering if Valve would continue the price model for CS:GO.

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Is Counter Strike 2 free to play?

Counter Strike 2 will arrive as a free upgrade to the already existing CS:GO. This information has officially been announced on the Counter Strike 2 website. The update is set to drop somewhere in summer 2023 and will be available for free on Steam.

Players who don’t own CS:GO can add the new Counter Strike 2 to their library, whereas players who already own the game can simply update their games.

Counter Strike 2 character model
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Image from Valve

Furthermore, Valve is letting players keep their entire inventories and carrying them over to the new title. In fact, they’ve updated and upgraded many of the cosmetics to be in line with the more modern and demanding graphics of the new title.

Not just the weapons, but even the character models will benefit from the new Source 2 lighting and material upgrades to give them a more high-definition appearance.


The same goes for blood and dust splatters, which will all receive major improvements. The focus is on providing directional information to players about bullet impact while also enhancing the realism of the game.

Counter Strike 2 Galil Skin
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Image from Valve

All of this is great news for skin collectors and enthusiasts who will get to keep their collections. In fact, they will all receive free upgrades to their collections and we assume that this will greatly impact the CS:GO skin economy depending on which skins get the nicest overhauls.

The free new Counter Strike 2 update is sure to send shockwaves around the gaming community and perhaps the golden era of Counter Strike will make a comeback. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, there’s good reason to be excited about this free new update.

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