Is Counter Strike 2 coming to console?

A landscape of terraced apartments in Counter Strike 2.

A landscape of terraced apartments in Counter Strike 2.

Fans of the long-running franchise would like to know whether Counter Strike 2 is coming to consoles. This franchise is mostly known as a game for PC, and as such Xbox and PlayStation owners aren't used to it. So, many players are curious about its release on these consoles.

Counter Strike 2 has just been announced by Valve, and hundreds of questions are already swarming all over the Internet. Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be played on some consoles, so hopeful players assume that the new project will be available on multiple platforms.

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Is Counter Strike 2 coming to consoles?

Unfortunately, there's no official news about Counter Strike 2 releasing on consoles. It seems that the game will be exclusive to PC, at least at the beginning. However, we can’t say for sure about the game’s future. Perhaps it will succeed and the developers will decide to release it on consoles.

Also, we still don't have much information about the upcoming Counter Strike 2. Maybe the console version is already planned and we just don’t know about it!

Counter-Strike 2 gameplay, showing the player firing a gun.
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Counter Strike is heavily associated with PC gaming, and is an icon of desktop multiplayer shooters. Most of the gamers who play it don't play for fun, but for competition. PC as a platform gives you a significant advantage over console players.

Playing a shooter game with a mouse and a keyboard is just simpler than with a gamepad. At least, most Counter Strike players think so. This is the main reason why Counter Strike projects are less popular on consoles.

It would be a shame if Counter Strike 2 didn’t release on the latest consoles like PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, but at the moment it seems unlikely. Regardless, we're looking forward to future announcements and hopefully, they will bring some good news related to this topic.

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