Blue Protocol party size options for dungeons, raids, and world bosses

Four characters in Blue Protocol posing.

If you're hoping to journey with your friends or form a raid group, knowing the Blue Protocol party size options ahead of time is essential knowledge. After years of trailers and second-hand footage from betas not officially available in the West, a global Blue Protocol release is virtually right around the corner.

When we're finally able to hop into its world and enjoy the AAA anime-inspired MMORPG, we'll be grouping up with friends and unfamiliar faces to take on dungeons, raids, world bosses, and heaps of other trails and tribulations. Even if you just want a fun private chat channel, you'll want to know how many people you can squeeze in.

We'll have more on Blue Protocol shortly. Now that a global release has been properly announced, expect a lot more information to drop over the next few months. Until then, check out our FFXIV 3.3 hub to learn about what's coming to its closest competitor in January 2023.

Blue Protocol party size for dungeons, raids, and world bosses

From our brief look at Blue Protocol already, and from what the developers and publisher have told us up until this point, here's what we know of the Blue Protocol party size options for dungeons, raids, world bosses, and beyond.


In Blue Protocol, dungeons demand a party of six players to take on. How you build out that party is largely up to you, but expect a two tank, two healer, two DPS composition for the most part. This party size applies to "Fields" as well - which generally means roaming the channel-separated open world areas.


Though there's been no confirmation on the raid party cap just yet, the publisher did outline that raid parties would be larger than standard dungeon parties.

World bosses

Because Blue Protocol splits open-area experiences into zones, there's an inherint limit on the number of players who can take on world bosses as they spawn. Channels cap out at 30 players and there isn't a way to easily switch from one to the other.

That means world bosses triggered through play will largely be tackled by those who already happen to be in the same channel.

With 200 players able to occupy a channel in a town, we imagine you'll be able to exit a town for the world boss area and get into the 30-person channel with a bit of luck if it happens to have a free space.

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