Best Modern Warfare 2 RPG-7 loadout 2022

Image showing gold RPG-7 from Call of Duty
Credit: Activision

Image showing gold RPG-7 from Call of Duty
Credit: Activision
January 3, 2023: With the new year underway and Season Two on the horizon, scroll down for the best MW2 RPG-7 loadout so you can make an impact in multiplayer matches.

Launchers are arguably the least popular secondary weapon category in the entire Call of Duty franchise. Although they pack an explosive punch, their sluggish mobility and limited versatility mean most players only use the best Modern Warfare 2 RPG-7 loadout to grind camos and deal with an oncoming vehicle.

With Modern Warfare 2 available now, the community is patiently waiting on Infinity Ward to reveal more information on what it has in store as the Season One Reloaded update nears.

Amongst the assault rifles and SMGs, there are mentions of a few launchers returning as part of the multiplayer arsenal. With that said, is the RPG-7 in Modern Warfare 2? Here's everything we know about the potential return of the iconic launcher.

What is the best Modern Warfare 2 RPG-7 loadout?

With no attachments to equip, the launcher slots into any loadout with ease thanks to its incredible damage output. We recommend pairing the launcher with a TAQ-56 assault rifle for maximum versatility on the battlefield.

The assault rifle packs a deadly punch in mid-range engagements and is the perfect complement to the RPG-7.

RPG-7 Call of Duty history

The RPG-7 features in Call of Duty going all the way back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Useful for dealing with large groups of opposition or any airborne Killstreaks, the RPG-7 requires a steady hand due to the lack of a lock-on mechanism.

Although a direct hit isn't always guaranteed, there are plenty of opportunities to deal huge amounts of damage. If you're not interested in the selection of pistols, the RPG-7 is always a great alternative in order to bolster the rest of the loadout.

Image showing RPG-7 from Call of Duty on black background
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Credit: Activision

How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 RPG-7

Unlocking the RPG-7 in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is an extremely straightforward process. Simply reach level 32 by working through the 55 military ranks.

Earning XP over the course of a match takes a while so if you have any double XP tokens kicking around, we recommend using one to get your hands on the launcher as fast as possible.

Is the RPG-7 good in Modern Warfare 2?

The RPG-7 is great on maps such as Santa Sena Border Crossing as it's very easy to blow up any vehicles standing in the way. The huge explosive damage often results in a wealth of kills. However, its lack of versatility means the launcher doesn't feature anywhere near the strongest Modern Warfare 2 weapons.

That's all we know about the best Modern Warfare 2 RPG-7 loadout. In the meantime, check out our other guides showcasing Modern Warfare 2 guns and the current list of Modern Warfare 2 perks.

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