Best Modern Warfare 2 PSDW 50 loadout 2022

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun in front of smoke cloud
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun in front of smoke cloud
Credit: Activision
Latest update: October 13, 2022 -

Intel on the best Modern Warfare 2 PSDW 50 loadout is unclear.

While we wait for news, check out the latest Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer information.

The initials of PDW may sound familiar to Call of Duty fans. Previous titles have included a Personal Defence Weapon in the submachine gun (SMG) category. The last PDW to feature in Call of Duty was in Black Ops 2. The weapon was a solid all-round option thanks to its minimal damage drop-off and assuming the best Modern Warfare PSDW 50 loadout shares similar qualities, there's a high chance of it making an impact.

With the launch of Modern Warfare 2 fast approaching, fans continue to wait for Infinity Ward to unveil information on multiplayer. However, leaks continue to uncover all kinds of information ranging from killstreaks to the return of the M4 assault rifle.

Thanks to another leak revealing the Modern Warfare 2 guns list, a number of weapons have surfaced. With that said, is the PSDW 50 in Modern Warfare 2? Here's everything we know about this particular gun.

Is the PSDW 50 in Modern Warfare 2

If the guns on the leaked list are accurate, the PSDW 50 is on its way to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Information on the gun characteristics remain a mystery but if it possesses any similarities to the PDW from Black Ops 2, it could become the best Modern Warfare 2 SMG.

Once we hear more about this particular weapon, we will update the guide with all there is to know.

Image showing personal defence weapon pistol
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Credit: The Drive

PSDW 50 Call of Duty history

The PSDW 50 has never appeared in a Call of Duty title but there's always a chance of the name acting as a replacement for one that's appeared in the previous Call of Duty titles.

The likes of the PDW and the PP90M1 excel in close-quarters combat and with some patient trigger discipline, the weapons can deal damage at longer distances.

Is the PSDW 50 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

Information on what the Modern Warfare 2 beta has in store is unknown. Typically, the two weekends include a small selection of content for players to test so there's always a chance it will play host to the debut of the PSDW 50.

On the other hand, the wait to use the new gun could last until October if the gun doesn't appear in the early build of the game.

That's all we know about the PSDW 50 appearing in Modern Warfare 2 so far. Once the beta begins, be sure to check back to find the best PSDW 50 Modern Warfare 2 loadout to use. In the meantime, check out our guide on the Modern Warfare 2 perks appearing in multiplayer.

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