Bryson 800 Modern Warfare 2: Is it in multiplayer?

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Image showing Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 holding gun
Credit: Activision

As the days tick down to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, fans are patiently waiting for Infinity Ward to share more intel on what multiplayer has to offer.

Although the developer is remaining quiet, recent leaks have uncovered information on everything ranging from the game's Field Upgrades to a list of Killstreaks. Following the leaks, there's a high chance of Infinity Ward sharing more multiplayer intel in the not-too-distant future.

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One particular leak uncovers a list of Modern Warfare 2 guns and as expected, there are plenty of new additions to the arsenal. One of which is the Bryson 800. With that said, here's everything we know about the weapon and whether it could feature in the upcoming beta.


Is the Bryson 800 in Modern Warfare 2?

According to the leaked gun list, the Bryson 800 is one of several new weapons making their debut in Modern Warfare 2. Other than its name, the details on the gun are slim.

There's a chance it could feature in an all-new weapon category or feature as an assault rifle or submachine gun but until we find some concrete intel, it could be anything.

Once we find out more about the Bryson 800, we will update the article with the latest information.

Bryson 800 Call of Duty history

The Bryson 800 is one of several new guns making their way into the Modern Warfare 2 arsenal. Unless it's a gun that's appeared in previous Modern Warfare titles, it's impossible to tell whether it has a storied history in the franchise or will become one of the very best guns to use once the game launches in October.

As an early assumption, I think the Bryson 800 could be a sniper rifle but there's every chance it could be something completely different.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun
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Credit: Activision

Is the Bryson 800 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

With the beta rumoured to begin in September, it's not long before fans can get their hands on Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer for the first time. Like previous Call of Duty betas, a small selection of content will appear over two weekends. Alongside the likes of the M4 and the AX-50, there's a chance players can use the Bryson 800 before the full release of the game.

Of course, if it doesn't appear in the beta, fans will have to wait a little longer before discovering all the weapon has to offer.

That's all we know about the Bryson 800 in Modern Warfare 2. Once the beta begins, be sure to check back for the best Bryson 800 Modern Warfare 2 loadout. In the meantime, check out our other content showcasing the Modern Warfare 2 perks and the Modern Warfare 2 maps appearing in multiplayer.