Bayonetta 3 side chapters - Gameplay and how to complete

Side-scrolling stealth gameplay from a Bayonetta 3 side chapter.

Side-scrolling stealth gameplay from a Bayonetta 3 side chapter.

While the Bayonetta series is known for its intense hack-and-slash action gameplay, the latest entry in the series shakes things up a bit. In fact, Bayonetta 3 side chapters are a completely different beast to the main game, instead feeling a lot like Metroid Dread.

In this Bayonetta 3 guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the side chapters. That includes how they work, what they actually comprise of, and how many there are for you to complete. These are compulsory to finishing the story, so you'll need to be ready for side chapters.

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What are Bayonetta 3 side chapters?

Bayonetta 3 side missions are separate mini chapters that appear organically throughout the main campaign. Rather than playing as Bayonetta herself, you instead get to control her friend from previous games, Jeanne.

On top of a new playable character, you also play from a totally different perspective. Gone is the regular third-person camera, with a new 2.5D perspective akin to Metroid Dread.

These missions are also more stealth-focused than the all-out action of the Bayonetta series. You have to sneak around laboratories, avoiding Homunculi guards and taking them out if needs be.

Dr. Sigurd with his back to the camera in Bayonetta 3.
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How do Bayonetta 3 side chapters work?

As mentioned, side chapters in Bayonetta 3 are shorter stealth-focused sequences. In these levels you have to infiltrate labs infested with the Homunculi enemies, while searching for Dr. Sigurd, who can help solve the game's multiverse conundrum.

In these missions, you control Jeanne as she tackles bosses in on-rails shooting sequences, silently takes down enemies, and traverses the lab to find each next locked door.

They're fairly short missions, rarely taking you more than five minutes for each one, even including boss battles. However, you'll appreciate them for shaking up the pacing, and letting you step into the shoes of fan-favourite character Jeanne.

How many Bayonetta 3 side chapters are there?

In total, there are four side chapters in Bayonetta 3. These are non-optional, short missions that appear as a bit of respite after particularly story-heavy sequences. They appear after the following chapters:

  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 12

Fortunately, you can go ahead and replay any of the four side missions at any time after you've completed them. Simply head to the Chapter Menu, which looks a little like a dartboard with a map on top, and look for the blue orbs. These each correspond to a side mission, letting you run through them to beat your time and aim for a platinum medal.

That's it for our look at the Bayonetta 3 side chapters! For even more on the hit new game, check out its length, as well as whether it has multiplayer. We've also got a look at how Bayonetta 4 is shaping up so far.

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