Does Battlebit Remastered have controller support?

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A helicopter in Battlebit Remastered

If you've finally got your hands on the game, you may be wondering how Battlebit Remastered controller support works. Given players don't always want to hover over a mouse and keyboard, it can be quite fun to sit back and grab a controller. As well as this, many players find themselves better at playing shooters with controllers.

In this guide, we'll go over everything we know about Battlebit Remastered controller support, from if the game has it to when we anticipate more well-rounded controller support, plus how to set your own up within Steam. With PC gaming, there is almost always a workaround.

Does Battlebit Remastered have controller support?

Battlebit Remastered does not have official controller support onatlaunch. That said, we anticipate it arriving one day as it is a big demand for many players. Generally speaking, PC players like to have as many options as possible when they're playing a game, and Battlebit Remastered is no exception.

If you have some time and a controller ready to use, there is a workaround built into Steam, though it is a little bit finicky.

Combat in Battlebit Remastered
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In order to set up controller support yourself in Battlebit Remastered, you have to go into Steam settings. From here, go into the controller options, where you can now change and rebind your own inputs.

Plug in your controller and make your own inputs for the game with W being the left analogue stick forward, A being the left analogue stick to the left, etc. Once you have done all of this, save your own settings and boot up the game. It should now work with controller.


It may take a while and many small changes to get it working as you like, but it's a good workaround until official support arrives.

Now that you know everything you can about Battlebit Remastered controller support, there's still lots more to learn about the game. Here's how to change language in Battlebit Remastered and our full Battlebit Remastered sensitivity converter.

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