Battlebit - Sensitivity converter / best settings

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A screenshot of Battlebit Remastered.
Credit: SgtOkiDoki, MrOkiDoki, The Liquid Horse, Vilaskis

In playing the popular low-poly FPS game, Battlebit, you'll want to have the top-tier settings to surely win every match. Say no more as we've prepared this guide on the best settings for Battlebit and using a sensitivity converter for the game.

Battlebit Remastered now allows up to 254 players on a single server, displaying the developers' commitment to giving good performance support for the game. With that in mind, you should have the right requirements for your device to maximize the game's features and performance level so you can easily take on enemies with a breeze.

Why use a sensitivity converter for Battlebit?

A screenshot of the mouse sensitivity settings for Battlebit.
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Credit: SgtOkiDoki, MrOkiDoki, The Liquid Horse, Vilaskis

In every game, especially FPS ones, you will encounter different sensitivity settings. It takes a while to adapt and adjust to a different game's sensitivity settings and customise them according to your liking. This would require some experimentation to find what works for you, especially in a fast-paced shooter game like Battlebit.

This is where sensitivity converters come in. While it may not be the first thing people would decide to use when jumping from one game to the next, using a sensitivity converter can better unify the settings you use across the games you play. While there is a mathematical explanation to calculate a converted value of sensitivity, you don't want to go through all that hassle, right?

With that in mind, we've prepared some recommended sensitivity converters that will make the shift to Battlebit more seamless for you. You can try each of these sensitivity converters linked below:

Best settings for Battlebit

A screenshot of the settings interface in Battlebit.
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Credit: SgtOkiDoki, MrOkiDoki, The Liquid Horse, Vilaskis

To maximize your playing experience with Battlebit, you should also have the best settings which work best with your computer or laptop setup. If you aren't certain what settings you should readjust, we have some recommendations in mind that you can try so you can just adjust your settings minimally to your liking:


  • Shadows Enabled – Disabled
  • Shadow Resolution – 1024
  • Shadow Distance – 100
  • Anti Aliasing – No Anti Aliasing


  • Destruction Quality – Medium
  • LOD Quality – 400
  • Number of Lights – 4
  • Rain Quality – Medium
  • Render Distance – 4000
  • Shader Quality – Medium


  • Custom Resolution – Disabled
  • Resolution – 1920×1080(16:9)
  • Screen Mode – Exclusive Full Screen
  • Screen Scale – 100
  • Vertical SYNC – Disabled
  • Max FPS – 200
  • Brightness – 125


  • Field of View – 100
  • Vehicle Fox – 90
  • Screen Shake – 0

Image Effects

  • Brightness/Coloring – Enabled
  • Motion Blur – Disabled
  • Vignette – Disabled
  • ADS Effect – Disabled
  • Contrast Intensity – 100

Take note that these settings are just suggestions and it still depends on you and your system build if it can manage these settings for Battlebit.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about Battlebit's best settings and sensitivity converter. If you want more guides like this, you can check out our other pieces such as how to change language in Battlebit and how to heal in Battlebit.

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