Battlebit - How to change language

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Plane in Battlebit

BattleBit Remastered has taken over the world this week FPS after releasing via early access on Steam - the blocky shooter proving a refreshing change to the usually hyper-realistic aesthetics of the competition.

The game hasn't been without its issues, though, and one that some are running into is being unable to change the language used in-game.

Some players have reported that their game is launching with a French language game interface. But the good news is that it won't take you more than a few seconds to change the language. So, let's begin!

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How to change language in Battlebit

Battlebit Main Menu
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Basically, you don't even need to go to settings for this. Just do the following:

  1. Launch Battlebit Remastered.
  2. Find the globe icon in the lower-left corner of the main menu.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Choose the language you need.

Here we go; changing the language is as easy as pie!

Also, there is a more complicated option, which involves changing the in-game files. For this, you need to go to the %appdata% folder and there find the battlebitconfig.ini file. There, you can change the language you need out of all the available options.

What languages is Battlebit Remastered available in?

At the moment, the game features 27 languages, the list of which can be found below:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. German
  6. Spanish - Spain
  7. Arabic
  8. Czech
  9. Dutch
  10. Finnish
  11. Hungarian
  12. Japanese
  13. Korean
  14. Norwegian
  15. Polish
  16. Portuguese - Brazil
  17. Simplified Chinese
  18. Swedish
  19. Traditional Chinese
  20. Turkish
  21. Ukrainian
  22. Vietnamese
  23. Belarusian
  24. Estonian
  25. Macedonian
  26. Serbian
  27. Slovak

The list looks impressive, and hopefully, the developers will add even more languages when the game gets the full release.

Now you are ready to go, capture points, use vehicles, and destroy your opponents in this captivating Battlefield-like shooter! And while you are here, check out our list of the best free shooting games.

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