As Dusk Falls Safe Code - Sheriff Romero's Safe Combination

Sheriff Romero's Safe Code, as dusk falls

A lot of what you'll be doing while playing through As Dusk Falls is trying to remember things you've seen or things characters have said in converstations. Sometimes, that is easier said than done, such as right near the beginning of the game when you need to remember the safe code in As Dusk Falls.

If you've forgotten it, or don't remember being shown it in the first place, we've got the code for you below, so that you can enter it in without running out of time and possibly getting caught in the act. You wouldn't want Jay's awful brothers to be annoyed at him, would you?

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As Dusk Falls Safe Code - Sheriff Romero's House

The first time you play as Jay is when him and his brothers break into Sheriff Romero's house to steal some money.

To make the job easy, Tyler gives you the safe code and tells you to remember it. That's now on you, you need to remember the safe code.

That's easier said than done though. If you close the game and come back another time, or walk away for a bit, and can't remember it when you come back, then you're out of luck. There's no inventory to go into to be reminded. If you forgot the Sheriff Romero's Safe Code like we did, we have it for you below:

As Dusk Falls Safe Code: 5926

as dusk falls, sheriff romero's safe code
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Jot that down, do everything you can to remember it. Thankfully, you only need it once.

As far as we can tell, the code is the same for everyone and the same in every playthrough, so it should work without any problems.

You can also type as many codes in as you like. You have 30 seconds to type one in, and the timer resets if you get it wrong. The only way to get past without typing the correct code in is to let the timer run out.

You'll then be able to move on to what is a pivotal scene in As Dusk Falls.

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