Is As Dusk Falls on PS4 and PS5? - Release Speculation and Platforms

Image of a father and son sat together in As Dusk Falls.

Image of a father and son sat together in As Dusk Falls.

With the release here, you're probably wondering whether As Dusk Falls is on PS4 and PS5 or not. The cinematic family-driven adventure game As Dusk Falls was one of the biggest announcements at the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. Due for release today, players outside of the Xbox ecosystem are already wondering if, or when, they'll release on other consoles.

In this guide, we'll explain whether As Dusk Falls is releasing on PlayStation consoles or not. If you don't have access to an Xbox console, that may be your only way to try out the game, so we're here to give you the details you need.

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Is As Dusk Falls on PS4 and PS5?

As of right now, it doesn't seem like As Dusk Falls will be on PS4 and PS5. There's no mention anywhere of a release on PlayStation consoles, with the only platforms currently listed being Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

When announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, there was no specific mention of its console exclusivity, aside from only showing the Xbox logo during its trailer. Since we've heard nothing since about As Dusk Falls coming to PlayStation, it's safe to assume that it isn't happening.

Image of a woman underwater in As Dusk Falls.
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When Is the As Dusk Falls PS4 and PS5 Release Date?

Therefore, we can't give a definitive release date for As Dusk Falls on PS4 and PS5. There's nothing to specifically rule out a release down the line, however.

Since the developer Interior Night isn't owned by Xbox or Microsoft, there's nothing to suggest As Dusk Falls' exclusivity is little more than temporary. As such it could come out on other consoles a few years down the line, but probably not yet.

That's it for our look at the potentional expansion of As Dusk Falls platforms. While it's bad news for anyone hoping to play it on a Sony system, one game that certainly coming to PlayStation consoles soon is Gotham Knights. It was originally meant to release last year before it was knocked back.

We finally got some footage of the game in action during this year's Summer Game Fest events, though, with confirmation coming soon after that the game would make its 2022 release. There's still time for another delay, but it's unlikely at this point.

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