Apex Legends Catalyst release date, lore, and more

Apex Legends Catalyst Legend
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Catalyst is the latest Legend to arrive in the hero-based battle royale. Described by Respawn Entertainment as a "techno witch," Catalyst uses ferrofluid to provide reinforcements, cover, and traps capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage to the opposition.

This guide covers what we know about Catalyst in Apex Legends so far, including their skills, potential release date, and more.

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Apex Legends Catalyst release date

Catalyst makes her way to Apex Legends with the start of Season 15 which starts on November 1. In addition to the new Legend, the upcoming season contains the new Broken Moon map, an all-new battle pass, and plenty of new features.

Apex Legends Catalyst trailer

Ahead of Season 15, Respawn Entertainment has showcased Catalyst in action in the official reveal trailer. Check it out below.

Is there Catalyst lore?

There is plenty of backstory with Catalyst. She grew up on Boreas before it was destroyed. After her friend attempted to stop a corporation from taking control, she ran away to Cleo where she learned to manipulate ferrofluid to her advantage.

She joins the Apex Games in a bid to win prize money to support her family.

Apex Legends Catalyst abilities

While the majority of Catalyst's abilities are aimed at providing defences, it's easy to use them when attacking the opposition. Here's all you need to know about her abilities.

  • Passive: Barricade - Reinforces and rebuilds doors using ferrofluid.
  • Tactical: Piercing Spikes - Lays down movement-triggered spikes that slow and damage opponents that get too close.
  • Ultimate: The Dark Veil - Creates a tall wall of ferrofluid capable of blinding and slowing opponents that choose to walk through it. Blocks any scanning technology from seeing through the wall.

In short, Catalyst is well suited to using the battlefield to your team’s advantage, though they should be paired with at least one Legend that’s skilled in offence

Is Catalyst good in Apex Legends?

With Season 15 still a few days away, we're unable to tell if Catalyst will slot into the meta. For those that want to provide some additional support for their squads, the Legend has plenty of potential to make an impact. Her ultimate will prove extremely useful when attempting to cross an open area of the map or if you're attempting to escape a sticky situation.

That's all there is to know about Catalyst in Apex Legends. If you're planning on diving into Apex Legends Mobile, make sure you've got the right graphics settings so you can hit 60fps.

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