Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Get the Llama to Chew Through the Wires

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In Chapter 10 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, you will find yourself stuck in your rooms on The Milano because of Drax. With no visible way out, the Guardians turn to the Space Llama they found in the Quarantine Zone. We show you how to solve the Llama Puzzle.

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How To Solve the Llama Puzzle

When you're trapped in your rooms, your only form of communication with the other Guardians is through your comms. Through this, you realise that your only hope of being freed from your room is to get the Space Llama to chew through more wires. However, the Llama is nowhere near the wires it needs to chew so you have to solve a bit of a puzzle to get her there.

The Llama responds well to Groot and Peter's singing but not so well to Gamora's or Rocket's but this is the key to solving the puzzle at hand.


Follow these steps in order from the beginning of the puzzle:

  • Activate Gamora - This will repel the Llama.
  • Hold onto the control to make Gomora sing until the llama reaches Rocket.
  • When the Llama is at Rocket, activate Groot's singing.
  • Keep Groot singing until the Llama gets to him.
  • Once the Llama reaches Groot, activate Peter's singing.
  • Keep Peter singing until the Llama is in line with the gap and green zone in the image below:

  • When the Llama is in line with this, activate Rocket's singing to repel the Llama.
  • Keep Rocket singing until the Llama is in the green zone.
  • The Space Llama will now chew through the wires and free everyone.

As much as Rocket gets annoyed with the Llama's nibbling habit, it definitely came in useful here.

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